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BY PAUL DURAN AND ALAN BEVERLY Cloud Computing Helps Fleet Managers Ensure Safety and Efficiency during Difficult Times W 22 hen it comes to fleet management of land mobile, aviation and marine assets, safety is the most important element. And to ensure that safety is guaranteed, around-the-clock communi- cation is imperative. But how do you ensure consistent connectivity when fleets within these sectors are traveling to some of the most remote locations in the world? Or when a disas- ter occurs and power is lost, how can you guarantee connectivity with essential assets? The answer: cloud computing. GEO W ORLD / SE PT EM B E R 2O12 Cloud Computing Basics To bring some clarity to the definition of cloud comput- ing, this article looks at it from a fleet-management perspective. Cloud computing enables users to access powerful fleet-management software from any PC or mobile device via a standard Web browser anywhere and anytime, without users having to install special- ized software or hardware. With cloud computing, users can remotely access powerful computing resources centrally located in a datacenter and comprised of servers, storage and Cloud Computing

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