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Time-sensitive GeoWorld departments such as NetLink, PeopleLink, Product News and Business News now are maintained solely at the Web site. Check there often for the latest updates as they happen. Satellite Joins Constellation for Ship-Identification System Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) launched a satel- lite that serves as the latest in a constellation providing near-real-time data on the location, speed and route of commercial vessels traveling the world's oceans. Using a Soyuz rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, mission planners in late July 2012 placed the exactView-1 satellite in a sun-synchronous polar orbit of 800 kilometers. The satellite, the fifth in a constellation for mari- time data-services company exactEarth Ltd., provides an essential link to the widely used commercial Automatic Identification System (AIS), which allows ships to share information on their position, speed, course and identity. The system aids maritime traffic management, navigation and search-and-rescue efforts. STTL designed and assembled exactView-1 in Guildford, England, adapting the spacecraft for the exactEarth mis- sion by adding a deployable solar panel to provide extra power as well as an AIS receiver payload. A new satellite will support activities associated with the Automatic Identification System used for sharing information on ships' position, speed, course and identity. a 122-page report does not go far enough to protect areas of professional services that have not been identified as a problem or pose any privacy concern to citizens." "The coalition has been concerned from the start that the professional services provided through surveying, mapping and geospatial data collection would be harmed with the impractical requirement of a consumer choice mechanism," added COGO Chair Carolyn Merry, head of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering at The Ohio State University. Magellan Teams with Canadian Entertainment Entertainment already launched a "transmedia" property, GeoFreakZ, which includes short televised programs, a "massive multiplayer online game" and live events based on geocaching. Magellan and CCI Entertainment teamed with Groundspeak Inc. (owner of to launch the first initiative in their partnership, a Canadian geocaching program called "GeoFreakZ GeoTrails." The program lets families visiting some Canadian national parks and historic sites through Oct. 13, 2012, use a Magellan eXplorist handheld geocaching GPS device to find hidden geocache containers. Magellan and CCI Entertainment also plan to collaborate on consumer products, retail promotions and expanded live-event offerings in Canada and abroad. "Magellan is dedicated to helping families and Partner Magellan, a maker of GPS devices for vehicles, partnered with CCI Entertainment, a Canadian family entertainment company, to develop offer- ings based on the pastime known as geocaching, in which players rely on GPS and other naviga- tional tools to find objects hidden by others. CCI people in any age group get outdoors and enjoy the fun and engaging sport of geocaching wherever they travel," said Warren Hewerdine, senior director of marketing for Magellan. "We are very pleased to collaborate with CCI Entertainment to encourage a healthy lifestyle for people by encouraging them to be active in outdoor activities such as geocaching, and we look forward to jointly participating in CCI's com- plete transmedia entertainment experience." SEPTEMBER 2O12 / WWW . GEOPLA CE .C O M 7 NOAA

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