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42 tobaccoasia MANUFACTURING NEWS 制造新闻 GERMANY New Kretek Maker Hauni's PROTOS-M4K kretek maker is the result of a close development partnership with its customers. The challenge was to design a new kretek maker. Not just any kretek maker, but the world's most efficient machine for manufacturing clove cigarettes – a growing market in Indonesia and its neighboring countries. The idea was conceived in late 2014 during discussions with customers who specialize in the production of kretek cigarettes. A close development partnership was born from which the PROTOS- M4K emerged. Hauni's brand new PROTOS-M4 maker is the perfect starting point for the new product. It is a twin-rod machine capable of producing up to 10,000 cpm, while offering excellent quality and process reliability along with low wear. "In this development project, the priority was to focus on the unique aspects of processing kretek tobacco," explains Patrick Fricke, head of marketing at Hauni. "An in-depth exchange of know-how was therefore essential. The result is the world's most efficient kretek maker." Hauni's solution was to equip the PROTOS-M4 with a kretek kit. Specially coated components were installed in various locations to provide the necessary resistance to the oil content of the cloves and minimize adhesion. "In addition, we fitted the machine with the VE-M8 – our largest feeder – and a separator designed specifically for kreteks to guar- antee maximum stability and quality even with the high material throughput and unusual structure of the processed tobacco," says Fricke. "The results of acceptance tests were impressive: the PROTOS- M4K achieved outstanding efficiency values and extremely low waste figures." The PROTOS-M4K kretek maker Essentra Scientific Service smoke testing G.D is a world leader in making and packing machines for the tobacco industry and it is the only manufacturer able to supply complete high-speed lines. The acquisition of Molins allows G.D to count on the support of a consolidated company to further enhance its portfolio in the market. UK Essentra Scientific Only Approved Lab for TPD Testing Essentra Plc's Scientific Services facility is the only laboratory in the UK to be named on the European Union's list of approved providers for its tobacco products directive (EU TPD) testing. The Jarrow-based laboratory is among 14 other facilities that have been commissioned by government agencies for the annual testing of all cigarette brands to EU TPD's requirements. EU TPD, which became applicable to member states on May 20, 2016, governs the manufacture, presentation, sale, and advertising of tobacco and related products. It states that nico- tine, tar, and carbon monoxide yields must be tested in independent and ISO recognized laboratories. Dr Mike Taylor, director of scientific development, said, "We are delighted to be named as one of the EU's approved labs for TPD testing, and I am proud of the significant work the team has undertaken which has contributed to this appointment. Essentra Scientific Services was one of the first laboratories in the world to be accredited for testing tobacco products both to ISO17025 and UKAS standards, and

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