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February 2012

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Marketplace Fluid Leak Detection Dye Tracer Products has released a new product geared toward uncovering leaks in petroleum-based fl uid systems. According to Tracer, Dye-Lite TP-3100 fl uorescent dye pinpoints engine oil, hydraulic fl uid, lubrication fl uid, compressor oil and gearbox oil leaks. To use, add a small amount of TP-3100 dye to the system and allow it to circulate for several minutes. Wherever there is a leak, Tracer says the dye escapes with the oil and accumulates at the site of each leak. Th e company then says to scan the system with a high-intensity Tracerline ultraviolet or blue light lamp. Th e dye will glow a bright yellow color to reveal the exact location of all leaks. Aſt er the leaks have been repaired, scan the system with the light again. If there is no glow, Tracer says that means that all the leaks were fi xed properly. Tracer Products Circle 102 on Reader Service Card or visit Improved Toolbox Wheels Colson Caster has added new features and expanded the attributes of its 2 Series selection of stainless steel casters designed for industrial environments. According to the company, the caster and its component parts are made from polished 304 grade stainless steel, and the fork assemblies have a double ball bearing raceway for greater durability. Th e expanded caster line is available in swivel, rigid and brake models and contains "Colson 45," the company's multi-temp grease formulated for extreme hot and cold tem- peratures, Colson Caster says. Th e 2 Series off ers maximum load capacities up to 325 lbs. and is available in 3-, 3.5-, 4- and 5-in. models. Colson Caster Circle 104 on Reader Service Card or visit Heavy-Duty Scrubbing Wipes GOJO is off ering scrubbing wipes which it says deliver convenient, easy and complete clean up anywhere heavy-duty cleaning is required. Made of dual-textured material that has been pre-moistened with a cleaning solution, the scrub- bing wipes are said to have an extra-large size towel to provide superior cleaning capacity. Th e scrubbing side removes the toughest soils, while the smooth side quickly absorbs dirt, ac- cording to the company. Skin conditioners are said to help prevent dryness and irritation. GOJO Circle 107 on Reader Service Card or visit Regional Drive Tire Double Coin Tires and China Manufacturers Alliance have added 19.5-in. sizes to their RLB1 regional drive tire lineup in response to demand for Mud & Snow (M&S)-rated open-shoulder traction tires for urban environments. Double Coin Circle 111 on Reader Service Card or visit 30 TRUCK PARTS & SERVICE | February 2012

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