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live on the move Hip Hop Hooray! By Ann Imig Ever since I saw one of those "Hip Hop Abs" infomercials, I've wanted to see for myself if busting a move in a gym can pro- vide a fun and truly effective workout. So, when I saw Hip Hop Hustle on the list of offerings at The Princeton Club, I couldn't wait to channel my inner fly girl. But, let's be honest: My body and mind haven't had to learn choreography since the musical theater days of my 20s. Rath- er, I looked forward to the energy that comes from moving in sync (sort of) to the rhythm (mostly) with a bunch of other sweaty humans (definitely). Plus, it would serve as a welcome reprieve from my typical workout routine. Mere minutes into the class, it was clear that my expectations were spot on. Instructors Faith Dey and Deanna Kane dialed their en- ergy up to eleven, psyching us up to get moving. They turned up the base on their playlist, and received ea- ger cheers from the regulars—both men and women ranging in age from mid-20s to lively senior citizens—all all getting their groove on. Dey and Kane taught the class two WINNER READERS' CHOICE Runners Up: Harbor Athletic Club Anytime Fitness routines, one move at a time with ample repetition. They urged us not to stress over getting every step right and to simply keep our bodies moving. True to my perfectionist self, I kept craning my neck to watch exactly how they made their baseball arms, sprinkler (or was it a washing machine?) and attitude-throwing look so hot, while mine looked a bit more "middle-aged mom." READERS' CHOICE 2012 ment happened when I stopped worrying about doing it "right," ignored how little I resembled Beyoncé, and let my own pro- verbial freak flag fly. I can see how regular Needless to say, the most gratifying mo- The Dish on Hip Hop Hustle What's the workout? The class boasts a triple workout: low- to mod- erate-impact but high-energy cardio, a cerebral challenge (remembering all those moves!), and core toning. What if I'm a horrible dancer? If you check your cool card at the door, you'll do great. Whether you're a be- ginner or a bona fide Beyoncé, as my instructors said, "Do your own thing!" What should I wear? Comfortable shoes you can pivot in. I chose a slipper-style gym shoe, but regular gym shoes, martial art shoes or dance shoes work well. Where to go: Hip Hop Hustle is offered at both Princeton Club loca- tions: 1726 Eagan Rd., Madison; (608) 241-2639 and 8080 Watts Rd., Madison; (608) 833-2639. attendance would allow for more of these moments. It's about letting yourself star in your own "So You Think You Can Dance" fantasy for an hour. Even if your fly girl resembles more of a fly mom. 16 BRAVA Magazine November 2012 Photo by Amber Arnold

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