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play with your food Simple Sips Thanks and Giving By Karen Eigenberger Thanksgiving is about enjoying family, friends, good food and for me (and I sure hope for you, too), good wine. I love choosing a few very special bottles to to savor with those around me. It's a rare treat to be able to enjoy wonderful old wine—that is, unless you invest a small fortune in a proper cellar and the right wines that can improve with substantial age, and then there is the many years in between…. Lucky for us, Kalin Cellars has made it Going Gluten-Free Hallie Klecker's teenage years were marked by health issues such as chronic fatigue, unexplained weight loss and di- gestive problems. Relief finally came when Klecker, now 21, eliminated gluten from her diet. Trained as a certified nutrition educa- the Madison-area foodie preaches tor, a "whole food" diet, free of gluten and casein (a family of phosphoproteins found in dairy products) through her "Daily Bites" blog. She is also the author of "The Pure Kitchen," a cookbook that promotes development of a healthy diet, and "Super Healthy Cookies," a book full of gluten- free cookie and pastry recipes. Gluten, Klecker explains, is found in A local foodie blogger inspires others to live (and bake) gluten free By Michael and Jean Muckian moderation of sugar intake also helps in weight loss, keeping blood sugar from spiking and crashing, and promoting good digestion. While health benefits abound, living glu- She says that elimination, or at least ten-free isn't always easy—especially when it comes to baking. "Baking without gluten poses challeng- es," she says. "Gluten gives baked goods their structure." Without it, cookies can end up crumbly wheat, spelt, barley and rye. Gliadin, a glycoprotein found in those ingredients, can make them particularly difficult to di- gest, even triggering an immune response in some people that can lead to systemic inflammation and gut damage. While Klecker notes that celiac disease involves the diagnosed gluten hypersensitivity of the small intestine, she adds that even those without "official" gluten intolerance can benefit from a gluten-free lifestyle. "All of the recipes in my book are gluten- free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and soy-free," says Klecker. "Eating this way puts the emphasis on whole foods while packing in a ton of flavor and nutrients." 70 BRAVA Magazine November 2012 and dry. That's where Klecker's expertise comes in handy. Her recipes—including ginger walnut cookies, chocolate-covered peppermint patties, pumpkin bars and more—each have a healthy spin, and if pre- pared with care, can provide the same en- joyment without the systemic strain found in commercially packaged foods. "Gluten-free cookies can taste amaz- easier. The winery's "current releases" are each more than 12 years old and have only gotten more complex, interesting and delicious with age. Kalin Cellars was founded in 1977 near San Francisco by Terry and Frances Leighton. They are the only two people between the grape and the bottle—no assistant winemakers, cellar workers, etc.—just a little help from friends. The Leightons adhere to the phi- losophy that "wines of enduring value require time, commitment, and the discipline to create nothing less than first-class quality." This artisanal method of substantially cellaring wines before release has been abandoned by most producers due to economic necessity. 1995 Chardonnay Cuvee LD There is no typographical error—the current release is from 1995. Over fifteen years after bottling, this wine is amazingly youthful, offering up notes of unbuttered popcorn, white currants, white peaches, honeysuckle. 1999 "Cuvee DD" Sonoma County Pinot Noir This 1999 Cuvee DD is their current release, aged to perfection. The wine is intense, with notes of bright red cassis and Ranier cherry fruit, violets and mushroom. A balanced blend of New and Old world you should not miss. ing!" she says. "These recipes truly are su- per healthy and nutritious, making them gratifying to share with those you love, spreading the joy of good health." Visit for more. Michael and Jean Muckian have covered the local food and arts scenes for over 25 and 15 years, respec- tively. Find them online on 1998 Livermore Valley Sémillon This unique wine exhibits waxy honeysuckle, Chartreuse liqueur and a slightly herbal component in its medium to full-bodied, concentrated personality. Although not everyone is a fan of this grape, the wine is impres- sive and really unique, with substantial depth and complexity. Karen Eigenberger is partner at STEVE'S Wine-Beer-Spirits on Mineral Point Road. Visit Photo by Shanna Wolf

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