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VOICES 12 | Overdrive | March 2018 About seven in 10 respondents to polling at OverdriveOnline.com generally give positive marks to Donald Trump for his fi rst year as president. However, the third who clearly support him also qualify that endorsement with regret for his doing nothing about the electronic log- ging device mandate, which reached enforcement stage in late 2017. Bob R., commenting under the poll among the 29 percent of respon- dents with a negative view, took that criticism a step further: "He screwed the truck drivers by doing nothing about the ELD mandate … and then screwed all the company drivers in the nation by taking away our days-out expenses, and nobody is taking notice! Unbelievable!" A smaller share of readers (24 percent) were only positive, such as one commenting as "Dannyboy" under the poll: "He is doing great with what he's got to work with. 7 more years of taking names and kicking" you-know- what. "I will support this president as long as he is at the White House." HOW ARE YOU FEELING ABOUT TRUMP'S FIRST YEAR IN OFFICE? No complaints 24% Generally fine, though I wish he'd done something about the ELD mandate 34% I'm neutral/don't know 3% I don't agree with much at all that has come out of government this year 7% Don't like his tone/style, but policy-wise have few quibbles 10% I can think of nothing positive to say about Trump 22% HOT BUTTONS TRUMP TRUMP A president's progress: Favorable to mixed Source: OverdriveOnline.com poll BigRigTravels.com turns 10 | Long-haul driver trucker Stephen Michaels will need no introduction if you're familiar with BigRigSteve's BigRigTravels.com website and Youtube channel, where he offers up a family-friendly live feed from his truck, among other features. Last month, Michaels celebrat- ed 10 years of community building via the webcam. He's been helped along the way by his feed's consistency and coverage by mainstream outlets such as MSNBC, the Travel Channel, the Weather Channel, PC Magazine and the History Channel. Perhaps most importantly, as he mentions in our podcast conversation, his informal ambassadorship to the motoring public has yielded plenty of individual dividends in motorist education. LISTEN ON OVERDRIVE RADIO Visit OverdriveOnline.com/OverdriveRadio to hear both podcasts featured here and more from our weekly series. Alternately, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Music or other podcasting app. 'Should have planned better' | As so many owner-operators have noted in past editions of the Overdrive Radio podcast, "planning better" only will get you so far when it comes to a 14-hour rule with rigid ends and little opportunity to extend it or stop it for mid-period rest. Canada/Northeast-situated small fl eet owner-operator Mark Kirbyson, in this latest edition of the podcast, concurs wholeheartedly with those who've found themselves deal- ing with a variety of headaches with their last-minute switch to electronic logging devices. Is- sues discussed ranged from the problematic nature of the hours of service to overwhelmed ELD vendors and more. Kirbyson believes the bonus – quickly improving spot rates translating themselves more slowly to the contract market – can go only so far until consumers, feeling the higher prices and spending less, provide a moderating effect on the boost. Public outreach, ELDs and business prep Stephen Michaels Mark Kirbyson

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