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December 2012

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Grapes Newest AVA hen the first wine grapes were planted in Washington State's newest American Viticultural Area more than 30 years ago, the new crop looked out of place next to potato, bean, and wheat fields. Back then, few would have imagined what is now the Ancient Lakes AVA would be home to some of the state's best Riesling wines. The Ancient Lakes AVA near Quincy was approved by the federal government in mid-October, becoming Wash- ington's thirteenth appellation. It is a subappellation of Washington's largest AVA, the Columbia Valley. When 11 million acres were approved as the Columbia Valley AVA in 1984, Washington's wine industry was young and most of the state's grape growing regions not yet discovered. A petition submitted to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, a division of Cameron Fries of White Heron Cellars was one of several who worked to create the new Ancient Lakes AVA. Ancient Lakes recognized as a subappellation. by Melissa Hansen the U.S. Department of Treasury, for a new AVA must show that the region is distinct from others and support the delineation of boundaries based on soil, topography, cli- mate, and more. The process can take many years—in the case of Ancient Lakes, it took seven—and often involves more than one petition submittal. Committed to Dedicated Service & Quality Trees For 74 Years & Counting Hickman: 19701 Lake Road Hickman, CA 95323 209-874-1821 21200 E. Dinuba Ave. Reedley, CA 93654 559-638-6675 Reedley: 800-654-5854 &!)$(" &!(&)$(" >)778,%2-2',)7;-()*36 2%663;86))63;74%'-2+7 +,-$& .($-( ').(- )( (1/$&& +.(($("" + $ " "!#!"! )0)--)+ )0#.--& ).& )+% +).()" +),-( )()'1!- )$(-)+%, )$(-$$!- )(/ 1)+, + $"#-- .+(1&(*+1 +, ;;;4,-0&63;2;)0(-2+'31 PHIL BROWN WELDING CORP. ,32) • %< • ?-0) ($32/0-2-',-+%2 Contact Vine Tech Equipment your Northwest Phil Brown Dealer ;;;:-2)8)',)59-41)28'31 GOOD FRUIT GROWER DECEMBER 2012 57 >!6%'83613928)(:%0:) -7%:%-0%&0) >=(6%90-'(6-:)26300)6',%-2 *36032+71338,34)6%8-32 >"7)7)<-78-2+86%'836 ,=(6%90-'7=78)1 >(.978%&0),-8',*36(-**)6)28 (6%;&%6,)-+,87 > )%613928)(%9831%8-' &3<78348346):)2870-(-2+ Photo courtesy of White heron cellars

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