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December 2012

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CLASSIFIED BIRD CONTROL WILSON IS THE LEADER in custom bird netting programs for all types of crops. Full line of bangers and bird irritant items. Call 509-453-9983. 58405 NATURAL CONTROL. The American Kestrel Falcon will give you LOW COST bird control. Call Ben at Orchard Guard: 509-910-6598, www.orchard 59368 BLUEBERRY PLANTS BLUEBERRY NURSERY STOCK. Our focus is customer success. Best variety selection. Plants available now. Impec- cable service and grower support. Fall Creek Nursery, www.fallcreeknursery .com, 800-538-3001. 59261 CROWN GALL CONTROL GALLTROL: THE MOST effective pre- vention of crown gall disease for 30 years! Unlike other crown gall control products that are made overseas and months prior, GALLTROL is produced DAILY in our California laboratory. Each plate of GALLTROL contains over 120 billion freshly-grown, vigorous bacterial cells that aggressively colo- nize wounds to block infection. For GALLTROL, call 530-586-1561; www. or e-mail: agbiochem 59369 EMPLOYMENT AVAILABLE FULL TIME POSITION available on a fast paced lower Yakima Valley diversi- fied fruit/hop operation. Qualifying skills include understanding of basic horticulture, irrigation management, drive to succeed. Final job description and salary will be based on experience. Reply to Box 327, Good Fruit Grower, 105 S 18th St, Suite 217, Yakima WA 98901. 59414 WANTED: FARM MANAGER for a 700 acre fresh apple orchard in Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Duties include inte- grated pest management, coordinat- ing staff and managing day to day operations, harvest, winter tree main- tenance, and new cultivar plantings. Knights Appleden is located one and a half hours east of Toronto in the county of Northumberland on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Knights Appleden is a family owned and oper- ated business and has been growing and packaging apples for over 50 years. The company is continually expanding its growing and packaging operations. A dynamic farm manager, with mini- mum 3 years experience, who is look- ing to expand the growing operation would add greatly to the company mix. Please direct inquiries to Amy Cook, 59412 PROGRESSIVE BRITISH Columbia fruit marketing and sales company looking to fill a sales/marketing posi- tion. Qualified applicants will be highly motivated, self-starters and detail-focused. Experience in cherries and apples preferred and will consider training the right individual. Second language and a degree are assets. Valid passport necessary as international travel is required. Position involves daily sales during the harvest season and market and strategy development during the off-season. Position is a salary/commission base with benefits and profit sharing. Résumés will be held in strictest confidence and only qualified applicants will be contacted. Reply to Box 328, Good Fruit Grower, 105 S 18th St, Suite 217, Yakima WA 98901. 59395 PRIDE PACKING COMPANY is seeking an experienced, hard-working individ- ual to take charge of the company's agriculture operations and support functions. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in agricul- ture production, planning and execu- tion. Pride Packing continuously strives to improve farm efficiency and reduce costs of production and is look- ing for someone who can help evalu- ate the current process and make recommendations for improvement. This position will work with, and report to, the owner/CEO who works on premise. Operations: Oversees an effective operating system for man- agers in accordance with policies and procedures. Manage and maintain the company's quality control systems including food safety, HAACP, GAP and GMP. Plan, coordinate, and control the daily operation of the organization through its managers. Motivate and lead the management team. Able to induce employee production and effi- ciency through training, internal growth, programs, etc. Management by objective—must be thoroughly skilled at productivity, cost, budget, monthly activities, identifying prob- lems and initiating the corrective actions. Develop strategic planning and budgeting for each growing area. Knowledge and abilities: Expert knowledge of tree fruit farming opera- tions. Knowledge of spreadsheets, Famous software, word processing; initiative to develop new procedures to make field work processes more effi- cient. Requirements: Bachelor degree in agronomy, ag science or business administration is preferred. Minimum of 6 years of agricultural farm manage- ment experience. Bilingual in Spanish is preferred. Strong leadership and management abilities. Excellent verbal communication skills. Please submit résumés to: 59408 PRIDE PACKING COMPANY Yakima-valley based grower/shipper, is in need of an assistant ranch man- ager that will be responsible for ensur- ing that organization's fruits are grown, harvested, packed, and shipped in strict compliance with the company's quality standards for over 1,500 acres of peaches, nectarines and stone fruit. In addition, the assistant ranch man- ager will assist with leading opera- tional coordination between field and warehouse personnel. This position will be working directly with and report to ownership on a daily basis. Essential duties and responsibilities: Oversee production operations, including monitoring field prepara- tion, transplanting, fertilization, irriga- tion and pest/disease control; train and supervise harvesting crews to ensure harvesting is in compliance with company protocols and practices; inspect and test to ensure fruits are harvested at the right maturity stage; coordinate all harvesting operations; survey fields and provide harvest pro- jections to owners; monitor food safety practices at farms, facilities and har- vesters; coordinate and communicate with third party auditors; perform internal harvester crew, ranch and facility audits/pre-season inspections; train harvest crews on food safety top- ics, and other duties as assigned. Degree in agriculture with knowledge of central leader system; strong com- munications and interpersonal skills; knowledge of food safety laws, regula- tions, guidelines and standards; bi-lin- gual English/Spanish a plus. Detail oriented with intermediate computer skills including email, Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheet skills. Self- starter, ability to work independently as well as with team members and management. Please submit résumés to: a 59409 EQUIPMENT FOR SALE FIND EQUIPMENT for your farming operation at Wilson's. www.farmit again .com. Used equipment, buy/sell. EQUIPMENT REPAIR ALUMINUM ORCHARD LADDER re - pair: We repair all brands of alumi num ladders. Tallman factory author ized. Call for drop off locations or pick-up. 509-884-1750 or 509-669-2822. 59370 FRUIT TREES STAN PETERSON FRUIT Tree Sales, representing the nation's premier fruit tree nurseries to serve you, the grower, with the best. Call 888-333-1464, or e- mail, for the newest apple varieties, sweet and tart cherries, peaches and more. 59371 FUMIGATION TRIDENT AGRICULTURAL Products, Inc., specializing in soil fumigation for orchards, vineyards, hops, berries, nurseries, and other crops. Hood River or The Dalles, 971-563-8848; Yakima and Wenatchee, 509-728-2004; Eastern Washington and Columbia Basin, 509- 731-5424; Northwest Washington, 360- 630-4285. 58428 CUSTOM ORCHARD fumigation Re- plant ing? No job too small. Call now to schedule your 2012 applications. 509- 687-9572 Serving all of Washington. Visit us at CustomOrchardFumigation .com 56913 GRAFTING SALVADOR ZARAGOSA professional grafting, chip budding, and budding bench grafting. We guarantee 95% take. Mobile, 509-961-2986. 57847 PROFESSIONAL GRAFTING and ser - vice. Small and large acreage. 20 years' experience. Jose Mendez, 509-584- 0034 or (mobile) 509-949-1321. 59374 COATES GRAFTING COMPANY, spe- cializing in top working cherries. Over 35 years experience. Ken Coates, 509- 662-1882; 509-668-0262 (mobile).59425 GRAFTING AND BUDDING supplies. Two types graft machines, waxes, bud- ding rubbers. Top of the line grafting knives, online, 509-453-9983. 59375 FULL SERVICE FIELD grafting includ- ing chainsawing. Over 25 years' expe- rience, with practically same crew for over 15 years. Gary McMonagle Graft- ing. 509-669-1686. 59373 ZAMORA'S GRAFTING. Many central Washington growers satisfied with our unsurpassed results. Over 30 years' experience. Contact Ramiro Zamora at 509-686-6932, 509-733-2754 or zamoras Now filling appli- cations for bench grafting. 59375 ARGO GRAFTING, accepting bench and field grafting reservations for 2013. Call Mike Argo, go for quality. 509-952- 6593. 59388 ALEXANDER GRAFTING – many growers in north central Washington have been pleased with our work. 95% take, and competitive prices, 15 years experience. Alexander Zamora, 509- 846-5766. 59415 -ORCHARD LEASE WANTED LEASING FARMS? Dedicated and experienced farmer interested in leas- ing apple, cherry and pear farms in eastern Washington. Call 509-480- 2196. 59343 ORCHARD SUPPLIES WILSON IS YOUR SOURCE for all types of fabric and plastics used in farming. Shade, wind screens, green- house films, and mulches. 509-453- 9983. 59269 WILSON'S HIGH Spanish style green - house tunnels. Early and in creased production and crop protection. 800-232-1174. PACKING EQUIPMENT 8-LANE CHERRY sizer with elevator Munckhof built 3-layer parallel roller sizer, capable of 4 sizes/ 3-ton per hour elevator, tank, deep water transfer drop, stainless construction, complete in great condition. Call Cody 406-249- 5960. 59377 PORTABLE HYDROCOOLER and cherry sorting tables, portable Rainier line, portable Rainier line, and port- able cherry sorting belt. 206-321-8378. USED PACKING EQUIPMENT: We specialize in meeting your needs for used cherry, apple and soft fruit pack- ing and hydro cooling equipment. We custom fabricate as well. Call 206-321- 8378. 59376 FRESH SLICE APPLE line, water bin dump, 4-lane apple slicer/peeler, solu- tion tank, Hayssen bagger, Isida scales etc. $150,000. 509-678-4920. 59323 SS CFU DUMP tank (electric); various sections of 6 ft. flume including curves; suction tank with elevator frame; 6 ft. long full bin in-feed with tilt section; 180 degree bin transfer unit; bin slide and 10 ft. section of bin dead roll con- veyor. Contact Todd or Mark, 509-469- 8400. 59440 100 FEET of two-chain conveyor frame. Contact Todd or Mark, 509-469- 8400. 59442 GREEFA A3-ROTARY top mechanical sizer. Contact Todd or Mark, 509-469- 8400. 59441 ROOTSTOCKS TRECO® ROOTSTOCKSmean quality. Buy from the industry leader. TRECO has supplied 60 percent of the nation's malus rootstock needs to the nurseries for more than 70 years. Go directly to the source and buy the root stocks trusted and preferred by the major nurseries: TRECO; PO Box 98, Wood - burn, OR 97071. Ph: 1-800-871-5141; fax: 503-634-2344; e-mail: rootstocks@ or Web site: CARLTON PLANTS, LLC is a quality grower of virus-certified rootstocks and seedlings for fruit, flowering, and shade trees. Apple: M9-NIC, M26, M7, M25, MM106, MM111, domestic. Cherry: Mazzard, Mahaleb. Pear: cal - leryana, communis. Plum: M29C, St. Julian. For questions or to place an order, please call our sales department, 800-398-8733 or fax 800-442-1452. COPENHAVEN FARMS NURSERY. "We're at the Root of The Business." Quality Oregon-grown rootstock and seedlings for fruit, flowering, and shade trees. Specializing in virus-free apple, cherry, plum, and pear root- stock since 1982. Christopher and Marilyn Dolby 503-985-7161; Fax: 503- 985-7876. E-mail: copenhavenfarms, www.copenhavenfarms. com. 56859 FIRDALE NURSERY, certified apple rootstocks: EMLA 7, EMLA 26, EMLA 106, EMLA 111, M 9 (337) and BUD 9. Beaverton, OR. 503-628-2755. 57666 509-853-3520 800-487-9946 509-853-3521 fax classified advertising is effective and economical WILLAMETTE NURSERIES offers Oregon-grown, virus-certified fruit tree rootstock, including popular M.9 clones and fruit tree seedlings (apple, cherry, pear & plum.) Excellent quality, reasonably priced. Outstanding serv- ice. Visit our updated website, includ- ing availabilities, at: www.willamette Willamette Nurseries, 25571 S. Barlow Rd., Canby, OR 97013. 800-852-2018, 503-263-6405. E-mail: 59405 SPRAYERS COMPLETE LINE of mist sprayers. Swihart Sales Company, Quinter, KS. 800-864-4595, 58046 STAKES / POSTS / POLES QUALITY PAYS—PRINCETON Wood Pre servers pressure-treated posts, poles. Quoted by truckload. #10-477 Martin St., Penticton, B.C. V2A 5L2. Plant phone: 250-492-9190, fax: 250- 492- 175, toll free, 877-797-7678. E-mail:; Web: www. 58573 POSTS, POLES, AND STAKES: Pres - sure treated in the USA. Vari ous sizes and lengths. Untreated available for organic growers. Jasper En ter prises, Inc.; PO Box 102; Chat taroy, WA 99003; phone 800-238-6540; or e-mail sales@ 57356 STEEL APPLE and grape trellis. Cus- tom systems available. Bamboo, treated wood, top of the line quality and service. Online catalog. Wilson Vine yard and Orchard Supply, Yakima, W A. 509-453-9983, www.wilsonirr .com. 59275 PANHANDLE FOREST PRODUCTS: Quality posts, poles, and stakes. CCA pressure-treated, with delivery. Par ti al loads. 888-289-7678; www.panhandle .com. 57547 TREE SPREADERS FANTASTIC PRICING! Cedar spread- ers, last and last! Steel point and notched – 4 to 6 inches. U-make pro- grams. Cedarbrook Lumber, 800-634- 6334. 58587 BEST PRICING: notched and nailed. Wilson, 509-453-9983. 58581 "V" SPREADER, Eastern contact: 519- 599-2299; Western contact: 209-484- 8502. 59380 TREE TRAINING TREE TRAINING and trellis supplies online at 58588 WIND MACHINES CHINOOK WIND MACHINES, sales/ service. All makes, new/used. H.F. Hauff Company, Inc., 509-248-0318. 58440 CASCADE WIND MACHINE Service, distributor of Orchard-Rite® wind machines. PO Box 9308; Yakima, WA 98909, phone 509-457-9196; Wenat - chee, WA 509-662-2753; British Colum - bia, 250-495-7245. 59381 WIND MACHINE SALES: sales/ser vice, new and used wind machines. 509- 877-2138. 58448 GOOD FRUIT GROWER DECEMBER 2012 77

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