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AyalaSarfatyCullturedMiamiDec_Layout 1 11/21/12 1:25 PM Page 118 A Light Touch With an affinity for all things illuminated, Ayala Serfaty is on a bright path. Ayala Serfaty's 2008 Soma installation at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Israeli designer Ayala Serfaty straddles art and design with an elegant approach to materials, process and product. Her Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier, founded in 1992 with her partner Albi Serfaty, has earned international acclaim for its innovative approach combining handcraft with industrial techniques in lighting and furniture design. And Ayala's own artistic pursuits include commissions for private clients, as well IMAGE COURTESY OF AQUA CREATIONS BY TALI JAFFE as permanent installations in art and design museums throughout the world. Here, we talk process, felt and identity with the designer. Process has taken center stage over the last few years. What do you think connects us to process? Process is a profound aspect of the final product. It enriches the viewer both intellectually and sensually and adds to the value of the object. You recently created a new work for The Mint Museum in North Carolina, in which process was actually a part of the final product. I created Joy of Transition, for The Mint Museum's Ten Ten Ten project, where 10 works were commissioned from 10 international artists, and documentation was part of the project. Filmmaker Ohad Milstein documented the process. You work with many natural materials, like felt. What attracts you to the materials you choose? I've had a long love affair with felt. I was initally attracted to its values and qualities and have used it over the years in various ways. But it was only four years ago that I took the path of making felt with my own hands to create three-dimensional objects. It is fascinating to be able to work with a textile that also acts as a colorful textured painting and an object in itself. Do you identify yourself as an Israeli designer? Being Israeli is part of my nature and natural way of life, but I'm also a part of the global culture. What does that moniker mean to you? Israeli design has a fascinating history. Since the foundation of the State of Israel, designers and architects have constantly searched to formulate a genuine Israeli language that reflects traditions, climate and the rich communities living in Israel. Who are some of the contemporary Israeli designers we should have on our radar? So many exciting things are happening in design right now. Ron Arad, Shlomo Harush, Raphael Navot, Dror Benshetrit, Zuri Gueta, Eric Levy, Yaacov Kaufman and Ron Gilad are all Israeli-born designers to watch. Lottah Leh chair, 2011 118 CULTURED daringh

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