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EQUIPMENT FOCUS Chain Saws Echo CS-355T top-handle chain saw The CS-355T top-handle chain saw is Echo's "crowning achievement." The CS-355T is a top-handle chain saw designed specifically for arborists. The compact design combines light weight, easy starting and powerful cutting performance at an affordable investment. Weighing in at 8.0 pounds, the CS-355T features a 35.8-cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine that delivers 25 percent more power than the Echo CS-360T chain saw. The CS-355T also features an Echo-exclusive palm rest that provides greater control by supporting the operator's hand and preventing it from sliding. The palm rest is adjustable to 3 hand sizes. The contoured handle is angled for a natural wrist position so there's less wrist movement while cutting and better balance. An Echo-exclusive reduced-effort starting system makes for nearly effortless in-tree starting. A G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner provides a clean air supply to the engine by pulling dust and chips from the air box. The MT 4400 by efco The MT 4400 is a mid-size saw that even a demanding professional can appreciate. The 3-piece crankshaft with a forged connecting rod and 2-ring piston allow for high efficiency in even the toughest environments. An adjustable aluminum oil pump allows the operator control over the oil speed, allowing the perfect amount of oil for every job. Starting is made easy with one switch to handle the choke, half-throttle, and on/off functions. Maintenance on the air filter is easily accessible by using the tools-free twist knob on the filter cover. Efco's self-cleaning air filter design allows for maximum filtration with minimal maintenance required. Husqvarna 550 XP Husqvarna's 550 XP chain saw features RevBoost, which provides instant high chain speed for efficient de-limbing. Its X-Torq engine technology provides more power, up to 20 percent less fuel consumption, and 75 percent less exhaust emission. The slanted cylinder design gives the 550 XP a lower profile, allowing for greater control. Plus, the retaining function prevents bar nuts from loosening. Jonsered CS 2166 The Jonsered CS 2166 has a clean-running, fuel-efficient engine, optimized to output more torque over a wider rpm range. It is engineered to provide stronger cutting power at lower rpm when the saw is under load. The CS 2166 also has a large-diameter top handle for greater operating comfort and control. Other features include a top-mounted decompression valve, side-access chain tension adjustment, and an easyaccess snap lock air filter cover. Stihl MS 461 The Stihl MS 461 chain saw was made for tough cutting jobs and long workdays. This professional-grade saw is up to 20 percent more fuel-efficient than the MS 460 Stihl Magnum, but delivers every ounce of the power. Now you can spend more time cutting and less time (and money) on re-fueling. It's ideal for all-around professional forestry and tree care projects, including felling, limbing and bucking of largerdiameter trees. And with all that extra cutting, Stihl made sure the MS 461 features its heavy-duty HD-2 filter technology for longer run times between air filter maintenance. 26 Arbor Age / January/February 2013

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