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March 15

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GOOD STUFF A selection of the latest products and services for tree fruit and grape growers. Brandt Spraying app .S. Department of Agriculture acquires Ureleased two new applicationsscientists intoTexas have or "apps" help pesMonterey ticide applicators. The apps ensure that aerial and ground-based crews that spray pesticides have the best B M.7/M.26/M.9 EMLA BUD 9 randt of Springfield, Illinois, which is a manufacturer of specialty agriculture products, has completed the acquisition of Monterey Chemical Company. It acquired 70 percent of the company's shares in 2010. As part of the transaction, Monterey AgResources, a subsidiary of Brandt, will be integrated into the Specialty Formulations division under the leadership of executive vice president Bill Engel. This is Brandt's largest acquisition. See Biostimulant licensed NIC ® 29 PAJAM 2 ® M.9 NAKB T-337 GENEVA 202/30/16/11 We also grow a great selection of rootstock varieties for apple, cherry, peach, pear and plum including: APPLE CHERRY PEACH PEAR PLUM MALUS ANTONOVKA MALUS DOLGO MALUS DOMESTICA OH X F 87/97/333/513 PYRUS CALLERYANA PYRUS COMMUNIS PYRUS USSURIENSIS PRUNUS CERASIFERA PRUNUS MARIANA PRUNUS MYROBALAN PROVENCE QUINCE LIKE OUR ROOTSTOCK, our service will grow on you. ALL FRUIT TREE ROOTSTOCK IS OREGON CERTIFIED VIRUS FREE. c a n b y, o r e g o n See our newly updated website, with all of our offerings & availabilities at ww w.w i lla metten u rseries. co m Crops are In – Inventory is Changing Rapidly – See our Website for Updates 5 0 3 - 2 6 3 - 6 4 0 5 To l l F r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 5 2 - 2 0 1 8 48 March 15, 2013 GOOD FRUIT GROWER Introducing the growers A rysta LifeScience Corporation has signed a global licensing agreement with the French company Delbon for Delsol, a soil biostimulant containing the soil microorganism Pseudomonas putida fluorescent. Delsol, which is sold in a liquid form, preserves beneficial microbial soil activity and optimizes the soil's nutritional capacity. It will be evaluated this season and is expected to go on sale to fruit and vegetable producers in 2014. The agreement also gives Arysta the right of first refusal to other new biostimulant technology developed by Delbon and its scientific partners. Enhanced scare tactics PRUNUS AVIUM PRUNUS MAHALEB PRUNUS EMLA COLT PRUNUS BESSEYI PRUNUS PERSICA 'LOVELL' guidance possible. Users key in specifics on the type of equipment and pesticide they are using. The app displays the droplet size that will result from their setup and allows users to tweak settings to generate the desired droplet size. The apps can be used on either iPhone or Android smartphone operating systems and tablets and can be accessed from the field or a small aircraft. Data can be saved for later use and e-mailed to share with others. The apps are available through the Apple iTunes App Store and the Android Market by searching for "aerial sprays" for the aerial application and "vector sprays" for the ground-based sprayer app. B ird Gard's electronic, nonlethal bird deterrents have been updated to improve their effectiveness. For example, a microprocessor has been added that randomly alters the order of the bird distress or alarm calls and the interval between sounds and continually alters the relative pitch of the bird sounds to create the impression that a large number of birds are under attack throughout the area. Also, the sounds can be easily changed when migratory pattern changes cause new pest species to appear, according to the company. Ian Chandler, field operations manager with Orchard View Farms in Hood River, Oregon, reported to Bird Gard that he saw less bird damage in blocks where the updated device was used. Chelan, being an early cherry variety, is particularly susceptible to bird damage because it is the only ripe fruit available for the birds. For information, call Rick Willis at (503) 449-4829 or check the Web site at P ink Lady America has launched a program to introduce farming families to consumers through posters used in social media and retail programs. The program, called This poster features Sean, "My Family Grows Anna, and Amelia Gilbert Great Apples," is of Gilbert Orchards, which designed to show markets through Oneonta that farmers are no Starr Ranch Growers. different from the people buying the fruit they grow. Each poster includes a fact about the growing process, such as why wind machines are used. Reduce frost risk G rowers of tree and vine crops concerned about risks of a late frost can consider applying a foliar potassium product, which might help crops that are at sensitive stages of development to survive several degrees of frost, according to a press release from Agro-K Corporation. Potassium Dextro-Lac is created by formulating potassium with links to a polysaccharide molecule. Potassium is an important element in cell wall turgor and applying the product before an expected frost can help increase potassium and sugar levels in the plant, putting it into a more hardened mode, according to the company. For more information, check the Web site New totes M acro Plastics and CalPine Containers have developed two new reusable plastic produce totes. The MacroTote 5-FV, originally designed with grape growers in mind, is a single-piece collapsible shipping tote. Its lightweight construction and ergonomic handles allow for easier handling in the field. It is 6.3 inches deep and weighs only 1.37 pounds but holds 36 pounds of produce. For more information, visit the Web siteswww.macro and or call (800) 845-6555.

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