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March 15

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LAST BITE How did you do? Find the answers on page 50 of this issue. Beemused… What are these essential insects up to? sda-ars Which is the latest blooming of these crab apples? a. Mt. Blanc b. Manchurian c. Snowdrift e. Evereste f. Floribunda u ausmus, How many mason bees does it take to pollinate an acre of orchard? a. 100 b. 300 c. 900 d. 1,500 What's the best water source for honeybees? a. A bucket b. Rain c. Sprinkler faucets d. A container in front of the hive en by steph Which of the following is a symptom of colony collapse disorder? a. Bees don't leave the hive b. The colony is queenless c. Bees don't eat provided food d. Dead bees around the hive photo Which of the following countries is believed to be free of the parasitic Varroa mite? a. Japan b. Portugal c. Poland d. Australia e. New Zealand What's the best way to assess the strength of a honeybee colony? a. Count the bees around the hive b. Count the dandelions in the orchard, multiply by the number of minutes this takes, and divide by the number of cups of coffee consumed that day c. Listen to the humming in the orchard d. Look inside the hive e. Count the bees in specific trees Worker bees are: a. All male b. All female c. Male and female 54 March 15, 2013 GOOD FRUIT GROWER d by rasitize Bee pa mite Varroa Which bees work the longest hours? a. Nectar foragers b. Pollen foragers What's the coldest temperature at which mason bees will fly? a. 37°F b. 44°F c. 49°F d. 53°F

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