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April 15

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LAST BITE How did you do? Find the answers on page 40 of this issue. FruiTrivia Dagger nematodes are vectors of which virus? a. Prune dwarf b. Tomato ring spot c. Professor Plum pox d. Prunus necrotic ring spot Minerals make up what percentage of typical soil? a. 5 percent b. 45 percent c. 63 percent d. 95 percent What percentage of herbicides used in the western United States contain the active ingredient glyphosate? a. 10 percent b. 20 percent c. 40 percent d. 80 percent Which of the following is not an herbicide? a. Rage b. Recoil c. Goal d. Poast e. Palace Which of these Geneva rootstocks is the smallest? a. G.11 b. G.16 c. G. 65 d. G.202 e. G.935 Which type of uncomposted solid manure has the highest nitrogen level? a. Beef b. Dairy c. Poultry d. Swine Which is considered the most essential nutrient for plant growth, after nitrogen? a. Calcium b. Phosphorus c. Potassium d. Sulfur photo Nursery W DrIVe f WILLo rtesy o cou True or false? Grasses are good hosts for pests. 46 April 15, 2013 GOOD FRUIT GROWER

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