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May 2013

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Da ting To REla ting Does Humor Attract Women? Advice By Mr. L. Rx CHANGING LANES Question: Mr. L. Rx, a lot of dating gurus advise about using humor to attract women, however, you don't say much about that. Why is that? Answer: Well, you are right. I do not focus much of my writing on using humor as a technique to meet women. The reason is that humor is one of those "ten percent tools" that a lot of the dating gurus recommend. By "ten percent tools", I mean techniques that if used broadly, only work on a small percentage of women. 16 dating to relating 0513 cl.indd 1 The tools that I recommend are technologies that result in an eighty to ninety percent success rate – something that you will never achieve just by being funny. First of all humor changes with personality type. So what one person considers funny, the next person won't. Even if you were to come up with a successful "humor" approach, to be successful eighty to ninety percent of the time you would have to change your jokes and/or delivery with the personality types you are approaching. May 2013 // WWW.CHANGINGLANESDIGITAL.COM 4/5/13 9:06 AM

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