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fitness HIIT The spot High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT)—which involves tough, sweaty cardio and strengthening moves in short spurts—has taken the fitness world by storm. Intense but doable, it promises to strengthen, tone and burn beaucoup calories in a jiffy. Try it locally at facilities including Monkey Bar Gym, 9Round, The Princeton Club and more. Dr. Mom Back-to-School Sleep After months of letting summer bedtimes creep later…and later, the start of the school year requires a big sleep schedule adjustment for many families. Sound familiar? Here's a refresher on reestablishing healthy sleep hygiene. Create a bedtime routine—from infancy through adulthood—including bathing, reading, singing, storytelling or anything that's calming. Stay away from caffeine and exercise before bedtime. Avoid "screens" before bed—TV and texting can stimulate the brain rather than allowing it to relax. (It helps to keep electronics out of bedroom). And don't skip this rule for yourselves, parents! It's helpful for your sleep, too. As a rough rule of thumb, kids younger than 10 years need at least 10 hours of sleep. So start to make bedtime 20 to 30 minutes earlier every night for a week or two before school starts so that they can adjust. For teens who have become nocturnal due to extreme sleep shifts, sometimes advancing the bedtime forward until they get to the new bedtime actually works better than trying to go backward. Regardless of how you get there, stay consistent. Sweet dreams! –Dr. Laura Houser september 2013 | 29

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