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12 BRAVA MAGAZINE | MAY 2014 Kate Bast Editor-in-Chief RELATE MAY 2014 $3.95 BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM women + style + substance > PLAY IN THE WOODS Brenda DeVita's new leading role at APT > TRUE BLUES Denim for every body + SPRING BOUNTY Handmade jewelry, garden tips, foraged foods Get Away! 60+ travel ideas—where to dine, lodge and explore statewide this summer ON THE COVER The Glass House photographed by Peter Godshall for Candlewood Cabins GET AWAY! WHAT DO I LOVE ABOUT TRAVEL?ŀ E scenery, the lodgings, the people—but mostly the chance to discover something NEW In my days of travel writing, and now blessed with a family that loves to explore, I've been fortunate to enjoy many of the ˬDVENTURESWESHˬREINn(ET"WˬYoP 4EVERˬLQUˬLIFYˬSFˬVORITES4ˬILINGFOR DˬYSONENDTUCKINGINTOQUIETCOVESOR bucking the Great Lakes' waves; hitting the track at Road America for hair-on- ǠRERˬCECˬRDRIVINGLESSONSˬNDSLEEP ing like lumber barons at historic Stout's -ODGEONTHE*SLˬNDOF)ˬPPY%ˬYS Waswagoning in Lac du Flambeau is NEˬRˬNDDEˬRTOUSTOO&NDLESSLYFˬS cinating to my children, each year we visit to explore the recreated summer and winter Ojibwe encampments, and get DRˬWNINTOTˬLESOFSURVIVˬL*FWETIME our visit right, we can also revel at a pow- wow in town, watching the fancy butter- ǢYDˬNCERSˬLIGHTˬNDMˬRVELINGˬTTHE men's elaborately plumed costumes as they strut in ritualistic dances that honor NˬTIVE8ISCONSINBIRDS8EǠNDOURSELVES mesmerized by the ceremonial rhythms of drums and ethereal vocals that seem to perfectly capture nature's soul in a place SOFˬRFROMOURCITYLIVES But one of my most memorable travels found us on a sultry August day, when my now-husband and I got engaged at $HIPMUNK3ˬPIDS8ESTOODǢYRODSIN HˬNDENGˬGEMENTRINGONTHEǢYLINE in the Pine River, which runs through THE SEEMINGLY REMOTE $HEQUˬMEGON Nicolet National Forest in northeastern 8ISCONSIN On a nearby hiking trail we discovered some forest service cabins built on Lost Lake by the Civilian Conservation Corps INTHES8EFOUNDTHEMYEˬRSˬGO in 1996, but those cabins stuck with us UNTILǠNˬLLYWITHKIDSˬNDFRIENDSIN TOWWEVISITEDˬGˬINTWOYEˬRSˬGO*T WˬSMˬGICˬLSLEEPINGINHISTORICˬLLODG ings, thinking of my own grandfather's YOUTHFULSPELLWITH$$$"TNIGHTWEmD throw open all four walls' windows and I'd lay in the dense silence, the chirping of frogs and creaking of ancient-spring bunks the only punctuation, and peer out to a velvety black sky and the starry bril- LIˬNCEOFPOSSIBILITY Two memories in the same place— UNUSUˬLFORUS"SIDEFROMFˬMILYCˬBIN territory, we don't often go back to the SˬMESPOTTWICE*TRˬVELLIKE*ǢYǠSHr always wondering what's waiting around THENEXTBEND 8EHOPETHISISSUEINSPIRESYOUTOǠND OUT

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