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24 BRAVA MAGAZINE | MAY 2014 THRIVE WELLBEING About Face If you're looking to snag the benefits of a facelift without going under the knife, Sundara Inn & Spa has unveiled three no-downtime facials for spring that do the trick. Book a 90-minute Ultra Red Carpet Facelift Facial to give yourself the ultimate treat—micro-current wands lift the skin and exercise facial muscles, while LED lights buff fine lines. Or try a 50-minute option—the Peptide Power Lift Facial and the Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial promise to increase hydration, shed fine lines and lift the skin. Arrive early to use all the spa's amenities, including the purifying bath ritual, that make it a rejuvenating retreat, inside and out. From $145-$300. SPA GETAWAY Continued from p. 22 ANY GIFTS POTTER RECEIVED from her husband's life had been forgotten in his death. "I didn't know how to move for- ward. I was just making ends meet, but my thoughts kept taking me back to my experience following his funeral. I need- ed more support and resources at that time," says Potter, who also started to believe the nagging feeling was supposed to mean something more to her. n*ǠNˬLLYDECIDEDTOTˬKETHISEXTREMELY DIǝCULTEVENTFROMMYLIFEˬNDTURNIT positive for someone else," says Potter. She talked with several funeral homes, eventually connecting with Cress Fu- neral and Cremation Services, where SHESTˬRTEDTHEǠRSTCONTINUEDCˬRECO- ordinator position in the Madison area. Potter assists families with the services she'd lacked, everything from therapists to movers to lawyers. "It feels so good to help others, to hear their stories, share yours. And it's made me grateful for life, and every small thing in it," she says. Grateful was the last feeling Michelle Page-Alswager could muster after her SONDIEDn*LOST+ESSEˬNDBELIEVED*WˬS also losing everyone I'd met while work- ing to create awareness about his diabe- tes. Who's going to want to be with the MOMWHOSEKIDDIEDFROMTHISDISEˬSE o says Page-Alswager. But this is when she read his last assign- ment, where he wrote about her courage, and a reason to be grateful became clear. "He helped me realize what to do with MYGRIEF+ESSEINSPIREDMETOGETEVEN more involved in the diabetes world," says Page-Alswager. She started a grieving group and fun- draiser, and wrote a book. She also signed on as the development director with Riding on Insulin, an international NONPROǠTWITHPROGRˬMSˬCROSSFOUR countries to engage and inspire the dia- betes community through active sports. She says there's joy in life again, be- cause she's supporting others who need ITnŀEREˬLITYOFˬLOVEDONEmSDEˬTHCˬN be overpowering. But I've found living my life is the most healing thing I can do for myself, and my other children," says Page-Alswager. Visit for an excerpt from Page-Alswager's in-progress book. GOOD TO KNOW WALK THIS WAY Madison podiatrist Dr. Neal Katz's tips for aching feet The Achilles heel: We love our pumps, but unfortunately they can cause discomfort and even injuries to knees, calves and back. As heel height increases, the pres- sure on the ball of the foot may double. Stride right: Walking shoes with laces are best, with a sturdy sole and wider heel. Size also matters! One study found that nine out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small. Kick up your heels: If you can't bear to skip the stilettos, limit wear time and alternate with flats. Find lower heeled pumps (limit it to ¾ of an inch) with a wider toe box and athletic-shoe style construction to keep soreness at bay.

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