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7 AGGREGATES MANAGER July 2014 Text INFO to 205-289-3782, or visit Dust control for track plants Nesco's DustPro Series H spray system is designed for hydraulically driven track-mounted plants. It includes a high-pressure pump with hydraulic mo- tor, control panel, and wireless remote. The pump module features two output lines, each with a solenoid valve. One line supplies nozzles at the feed hopper to control dust when the plant is charged, the other supplies nozzles at strategic locations throughout the rest of the plant. Spray nozzles at the hopper also can be automated by installing an optional presence detector. Wireless remote operation allows the loader operator to control the spray system by using spray nozzles only when and where they are needed. Nesco | Quick belt fastener installation Flexco's Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver is now compatible with its BR Rivet Solid Plate fasteners and installation tools. When used in conjunction with the fasteners, it speeds installation by up to 33 percent. The driver features a dual handle for balance and ergonomic gripping, a heavy-duty rod for high-quality splices, and pneumatic driving power for robust installation. A single trigger pull per rivet saves time and reduces worker fatigue. Flexco | :HPDNH7KH%HVW 4XDOLW\5HGXFHUV :RUOG:LGH(OHFWULF&RUSRUDWLRQ ZZZZRUOGZLGHHOHFWULFQHW &DOO1RZ)RU7KH/RZHVW 0DUNHW3ULFHV ³8OWLPDWH´6KDIW0RXQW 5HGXFHU6\VWHP 6KDIWPRXQWUHGXFHU V\VWHPFDQEHXVHG LQVWDQGDUGDJJUHJDWH DQGVFUHZFRQYH\RU DSSOLFDWLRQV 5DWLRVL]HV 5DWLRV VL]HV 'URSLQUHSODFHPHQW IRUPRVWPDMRUPDNHV \HDUZDUUDQW\ +HOLFDO,QOLQH5HGXFHUV$QG6KDIW0RXQW5HGXFHU6\VWHPV 'HVLJQHG6SHFLILFDOO\)RU6FUHZ&RQYH\RU$SSOLFDWLRQV +HOLFDO,QOLQH5HGXFHUV +3+3 $OOUDWLQJVLQVWRFN %R[VL]HV 5DWLRV &DVWLURQKRXVLQJLV SUHFLVLRQSURFHVVHG IRUEHWWHUURWDWLRQDQG TXLHWHURSHUDWLRQ 'URSLQUHSODFHPHQW IRUPRVWPDMRUPDNHV \HDUZDUUDQW\ 7H[W,1)2WRRUYLVLWZZZDJJPDQFRPLQIR

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