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Green Media Technology and Software Special Edition - Aug'14

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FROM THE EDITOR green media TM EPG Media LLC/Specialty Information Media 3300 Fernbrook Lane, Suite 200 Plymouth, MN 55447 Group Publisher Charles Forman 845-262-1041 Editorial Staff Associate Publisher, Editor John Kmitta Production Team Art Director Adam Lane Production Manager Karen Kalinyak Direct Mail List Sales Jim Scova, MeritDirect 914-368-1012 Reprint Service Joanne Juda, Sr. VP Market Development 630-399-9864 For subscription inquiries and customer service questions please call: 847-763-9565; 847-763-9569 (fax) Advertising Account Managers Chris Pelikan Senior Account Manager - East 954-964-8676 Peggy Tupper Senior Account Manager - Midwest 763-383-4429 Leslie Palmer Senior Account Manager - West 248-731-7596 Publisher's Notice: We assume no responsibility for the validity of advertising claims in connection with items appearing in this special edition. Commercial product names are used for the convenience of the reader. Mention of a commercial product does not imply endorsement by Green Media or Specialty Information Media, or preference over similar products not mentioned. 4 Green Media / August 2014 John Kmitta Associate Publisher, Editor 847-720-5613 Keeping Up with Technology This special edition is devoted to technological solutions for professionals in the tree care, landscape, irrigation, sports turf and outdoor power equipment markets. With each year, the impact of technology on the Green Industry becomes increasingly widespread. That is evident just from some of the educational programs at upcoming industry events. At the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Conference and Show, Andrew Stoltman and Richard Rideout are detailing a program that pro- poses to integrate continuous cross-boundary plot-based urban forest data, remote-sensed canopy data and aggregated individual tree inventory data. The goal is to provide statistically sound information on the status and trends in urban forest canopy, extent, diversity, growth, mortality, habitat, and overall health. The information they are gathering will be available to state and local partners to identify and track urban forest environmental, economic and social benefi ts at multiple levels, and assist managers in planning, prioritizing and decision making. Their presentation describes the progress of the program progress, and projects how the data may be used to affect urban forest canopy. Another session at ISA is detailing how urban tree monitoring data can enable researchers and practitioners to evaluate the performance of planting initiatives in terms of tree growth, mortality and longevity. The Urban Tree Growth & Longevity Working Group has been developing standardized monitoring protocols. Standard fi eld methods enable comparisons across cities and programs, and improve the collective understanding of the factors infl uencing tree growth and mortality. Yet another educational session at ISA will demonstrate geographic information system (GIS) solutions that have simplifi ed the inventory process and daily management of tree maintenance — including the use of GIS to develop strategies for managing emerald ash borer. At the Green Industry Conference in Louisville this October, Monica Muir of Muir and Associates will outline the tools available in QuickBooks that can help industry professionals get their work done much faster, including information on generating estimates and invoices, entering time sheets, automating work, creating reports, and more. The Tree Care Industry Expo this November will feature a session on digital marketing, including how to fi nd customers that need your expertise, and how to acquire and retain them as lifelong "fans." These are just a few of the many ex- amples of how technology is being used in the Green Industry. Mobile devices, smart- phones, tablets, software, social media and other digital initiatives are increasingly important to any business. At times, it can seem overwhelming, but the industry is loaded with resources to get your business pointed in the right direction. I hope this guide serves you well in that effort.

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