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February 2015

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Groundwater Awareness Week Boasts Educational Tools The 17th National Groundwater Awareness Week is March 8-14, and there is still time for you to promote it and your business by using some of the informational tools NGWA provides. For those who already are making plans to promote Groundwater Awareness Week, let NGWA know so your company can be listed on the Ground- water Awareness Week webpage as a promotional partner. Contact NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens at ctreyens@ngwa.org or call (800) 551-7379, ext. 554. Access Groundwater Awareness Week promotional tools by visiting NGWA's website at www.NGWA.org by clicking on "Awareness Week" under the Events/Education tab. Some of these promotional tools can be used as is; others can be adapted, modified, or customized to your state or a locale. Feel free to link to any of them. NGWA Adds 270 Members in November The National Ground Water Association added 270 new members in November. The total consisted of 131 contractors, 85 scientists and engineers, 22 manufacturers, 19 suppliers, 7 associates, 4 students, and 2 pubic water system professionals. A total of 770 members renewed their membership as well. To learn more about NGWA and how to become a member, visit www.NGWA.org/Membership. Fifteen NGWA Exams Administered in November The National Ground Water Association administered 15 exams in November 2014, seven for its voluntary certification program and eight for state licensure purposes. Of the seven taken for certification, two received passing scores. Four of the eight for state licensing were passed. In the first 11 months of 2014, there were 94 certification exams given with 42 passing, and 189 state licensing exams administered with a total of 76 individuals receiving passing scores. If you have questions about the NGWA certification pro- grams, contact Jessica Rhoads, NGWA certification coordina- tor, at jrhoads@ngwa.org, or call (800) 551-7379, ext. 511. If outside the United States, call (614) 898-7791, ext. 511. Checklist for Hiring Geothermal Heat Pump Drilling Contractors Provided by NGWA HVAC contractors, mechanical engineers, architects, developers, and others involved in geothermal heat pump installations should evaluate the qualifications of drilling contractors to protect groundwater and optimize heat pump system operation. NGWA provides a list of pertinent questions professionals should ask drilling contractors. The list can be accessed at NGWA's Wellowner.org website under the "Geothermal Heat Pumps" tab. Estimates by the HVAC industry suggest that as much as 50% of the total geothermal heat pump market involves the use of vertical borehole subsystems. There are several differ- ent configurations of geothermal heat pump system installa- tions involving vertical Earth drilling: • Open loop: Single well for water withdrawal, water returned to a surface source • Open loop: Single well for water withdrawal, water returned to a second well • Standing column: Single well for water withdrawal and water return • Closed loop: Vertical boreholes • Direct exchange: Vertical boreholes using concentric pipe systems. Experienced geothermal heat pump installers confirm it is critical these systems (1) be installed with a properly con- structed borehole; (2) be equipped with a properly placed loop tube assembly; and (3) have properly grouted boreholes, not only for optimal heat transfer but also for groundwater protection. The LOG NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL GROUND WATER ASSOCIATION waterwelljournal.com March 8-14, 2015 national groundwater awareness week 12 February 2015 WWJ

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