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70 COMMERCIAL CARRIER JOURNAL | MAY 2015 Freightliner unveiled its futuristic SuperTruck prototype vehicle, capping a five-year development process in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and other partners. Freightliner received a $40 million industry grant from the U.S. government that was matched by Daimler, said Diane Hames, marketing director for Daimler Trucks North America. The features listed by Freightliner include a 115 percent boost in vehicle freight efficiency compared to conventional tractors on the market today. Other enhancements include a 50 percent increase in engine braking, a 54 percent reduction in aerody - namic drag and a sustained 12.2 mpg logged at 65 mph on a stretch of Interstate 35 in Texas. The SuperTruck has a 10.7-liter Detroit generating 375 horsepower and 1,375 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine features model-predictive engine controls for optimal performance and a hybrid driveline mated to a conventional DT12 automated manual transmission. The rear axle ratio is 2.28.1. Other specifications include a variable-geometry front radi - ator grille to optimize and balance cooling system performance and aerodynamic drag, as well as a fully flush cab, sleeper and roof surface. Solar panels are installed on the trailer roof to capture energy to recharge batteries and power the fully-electric HVAC system. High-tech lightweight composite materials were used through - out, and software manages kinetic energy for optimal feedback into the powertrain. Hames said that while the SuperTruck model is a prototype, several of its newer features already have found their way onto current Freightliner models. – Jack Roberts Freightliner said its SuperTruck concept vehicle is a mix of current powertrain components and new technology. FREIGHTLINER TURNS HEADS WITH SUPERTRUCK CONCEPT

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