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Global Vision, Modern Design ALBERTO LUZZI Using his passion for people and design as a catalyst, Luzzi aspires to affect positive change not just in the jewelry industry but in the world at large. A PHILOSOPHY At the core of Adami & Martucci's belief system is the fact that positive energy connects people the world over with no preference for any particular culture, race, gender or age. Luzzi works to infuse every aspect of his business with social, environmental and product respon- sibility. This includes everything from operating with a respect for nature and the environment to encouraging "a friendly and fun atmosphere where candor and par- ticipation are highly valued." The company has quickly grown into new offices in Vicenza and currently sells to over 25 countries. New to 10 JQ INTERNATIONAL TRENDS 2012 dami & Martucci was founded in Rome in 2007 by Alberto Luzzi, a designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist with a keen eye for design and strong belief in corporate responsibility. ARTISTS CREATE INTRICATE DETAILS BY HAND FOR THE ADAMI & MARTUCCI PIECES. Italian company Adami & Martucci presents The Mesh Collection THE CREATIVE STAFF IS ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DESIGN PROCESS. the U.S. market, Adami & Martucci intends to keep stateside distribution to fine jewelry stores and upscale department stores. DESIGN Though certainly not its sole creation, The Mesh Collection has become the company's repeat hit, in part due to a modern look that suits many global markets but also because the material allows Luzzi and his team to cre- ate large pieces that are available at reasonable prices. In fact, a goal of the line is to allow a fine jeweler to compete in the fashion market without straying from its core dedi- cation to precious metals. The designs in The Mesh Collection reflect Luzzi's passion for art and sculpture, sometimes taking on very architectural qualities. The pieces themselves combine the underlying mesh material with .925 sil- ver. Adami & Martucci developed the technique that allows the silver to adhere to the mesh material with the goal of creating pieces that appear to be pure .925

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