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57 StateWays ■ ■ May/June 2016 O N T H E S H E L F NOVO FOGO SINGLE-BARREL CACHAÇAS Novo Fogo has announced a new line of small-batch, single- barrel cachaças. This Brazilian cachaça is made near the Atlantic Rainforest in southern state of Paraná from estate-grown organic sugarcane. All are proofed between 41% and 48%. Releases include Barrel 86, Barrel 33, Barrel 152 and Barrel 87. $49.99 to $99.99 per 750-ml. bottle DISARONNO RISERVA Disaronno Riserva is a new blend of Disaronno and Scotch, aged in vintage Marsala wine barrels at the company's own Cantine Florio in Marsala, Sicily. The result is a spicy sweetness that fades into light and fruity vanilla-almond notes, the company says. The fi nish is peppery with a hint of dried fruit. Just 10,000 bottles were produced. $349 per 750-ml. bottle. ALACRAN REPOSADO TEQUILA Alacran Reposado Tequila is a premium tequila that uses 100% Weber Blue agave from 7-10 years old, harvested in the highlands of Los Altos in Jalisco. It is matured for 4 months in American Oak barrels from Bourbon, generat- ing a rich, caramel and oak fl avor, the company says, with a hint of vanilla. $49.99 per 750-ml. bottle. BLOOD OATH PACT NO. 2 Luxco has launched Blood Oath Pact No. 2 – the second expres- sion in the limited-release bourbon series. This follows Blood Oath Pact No. 1, released this time last year. Blood Oath combines "rare" bourbons, blended and bottled by hand in this Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, the company says. Pact No. 2 is a mix of three bourbons ranging in age from seven to 11 years. The fi rst, a seven-year rye bourbon fi nished in port bar- rels, is joined by an 11 year wheated bourbon and an 11 year rye bourbon. Bottled at 98.6 proof. $99.99 per 750-ml. bottle RUFFINO SPARKLING ROSÉ Ruffi no Sparkling Rosé is created in an extra-dry style, and comprised of predominantly Prosecco (Glera) grapes from the vineyards within the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions of Northeastern Italy. Ruffi no Sparkling Rosé is a pink hue with aromatic notes of strawberry, and hints of rose petals. On the palate, this wine has crisp acidity and "elegant" bubbles, the company says, offering fl avors of red berries and white fruits through the fi nish. 11% ABV. $14.99 per 750-ml. bottle. www.ruffi TWIN VINES NEW PACKAGING Palm Bay International and Portugal's family-owned José Maria da Fonseca (J.M. da Fonseca) have announced new packaging for their Twin Vines Vinho Verde. A member of the growing Vinho Verde category, Twin Vines is a light-bodied, crisp wine with fresh fruit fl avors, a touch of sparkle and an alcohol content of 10%, the company says. $7.99 per 750-ml. bottle. SWIFT SINGLE MALT TEXAS WHISKEY Started by husband and wife team Nick and Amanda Swift, this single malt is made in Dripping Springs, TX. The whiskey is "handmade from grain to bottle, produced entirely by the couple," the company says, as they don't have a regular staff. Swift Single Malt is twice-distilled from 100% Scottish malted barley, with cuts taken off of hand-hammered copper pot stills from Portugal to fi ne tune the spirit by taste. Each batch is aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels before fi nishing the product in Oloroso sherry casks. Each barrel and cask is coopered in house. $55 per 750-ml. bottle PASOTE TEQUILAS 3 Badge Beverage Corporation has intro- duced Pasote, a line of Mexican tequilas made from pure blue agave. The new Pasote tequilas will be sold in select mar- kets throughout the U.S. by the company's spirits division, 3 Badge Mixology. Each is made from blue agave that is baked and then distilled with rainwater and natural spring water in copper pot stills. Pasote's master tequilero grows blue agave in the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico and uses traditional production techniques to make "pure and distinctly herbal" Pasote tequilas, the company says. Each Pasote glass bottle is made by a family of glass artisans and has slightly asymmetrical wave patterns visible in the glass. Blanco $49 per 750-ml. bottle, Reposado $59 per 750-ml., and Anejo $69 per 750-ml.

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