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At the Ahwahnee a signature dish is the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Fiscalini Cheddar Soup. Cooking with beer, wine and spirits can increase beverage sales. By Michelle Paolillo Lockett A Spirited Mix I in cooking: beer is the same mindset," says Percy Whately, executive chef at Th e Ahwahnee Dining Room in Yosemite Park, California. Alcoholic beverages add, "distinct fl avors and aromas to food." n an eff ort to increase overall drink sales, operators and chefs are fi nding unique ways to incorporate wine, spirits and beer into their cooking. "For thousands of years we have used some sort of alcohol to pair with these distinct dishes. Th ough cooking with an alcoholic beverage can generally increase overall drinks sales, those cooking with beer found a distinct correlation between cooking with brews and an overall increase in beer sales. agrees. "We cook with beer, wine and liquor every day: it helps to add depth to our cooking." Guests seem to be responding by ordering specifi c drinks JULY/AUGUST 2012 | 37 Chef Tory McPhail, of Commander's Place in New Orleans,

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