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September 2012

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QUICK BITES Read more Quick Bites at A Honeycrisp starch scale available starch scale specifically for Honeycrisp apples is now available for growers in Washington State to help them assess fruit maturity. Dr. Ines Hanrahan, project manager with the Washing- ton Tree Fruit Research Commission, developed the 1-6 scale based on actual starch patterns observed with iodine tests on fruit grown in Washington State. Until now, growers have had to use a scale developed for other varieties, such as Golden Delicious, or scales from other regions. Cornell University in New York has a Honeycrisp scale of 1-8. The new Washington Honeycrisp starch scale is avail- able on the commission's Web site at www.treefruit Correction O xbo is getting ready to take orders for the self- propelled harvest system it developed with Picker Oxbo ready to take orders Technologies. Statements in our article "Harvester is ready to go," in our August issue may have given the impression that the equipment was already offered for sale, but this is not the case. Growers who think they might be interested in buying or leasing the equip- ment when it becomes available may add their names to a waiting list on the PickerTech Web site so they are contacted when Oxbo releases the product for sale. There is no obligation from signing up, but it will help Oxbo to meet the market need. GOOD FRUIT GROWER SEPTEMBER 2012 9 Photo courtesy of Washington tree fruit research commission.

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