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December 2017 | Overdrive | 29 ity prices – which average $0.12/kWh in the United States and can be less for commercial and industri- al users – Tesla says Semi owners can expect to reap upward of $200,000 in sav- ings over a million miles on fuel costs alone. Further, Musk guarantees the truck will not break down for one million miles. If a motor suffers a failure, he said there's little threat to missing a delivery date. "You can lose two of those four motors, and the truck will still keep going." The truck is connected to Tesla Mobile Service, and its telematics suite offers remote diagnostics, predictive main- tenance, location tracking and communications with fleet dispatch. Musk estimated the Tesla Semi will provide a $1.26 cost per mile versus a $1.51 diesel cost per mile. In a platoon, Musk said Tesla's cost per mile drops to 85 cents, mak- ing it cheaper than rail. The Semi's safety features include a reinforced battery that gives it a low center of gravity. The windshield is made of impact-resistant, explosion-proof glass that Musk said resists crack- ing. Onboard sensors help prevent jackknifing. The surround cameras aid object detection and minimize blind spots, alerting the driver to safety hazards. The air suspension with an independent front suspension gives the truck a more com- fortable ride, Musk said. The large windshield offers a massive panoramic view. Coupled with its large side windows, Tesla's Semi offers unrivaled visibility. MINIMIZER™ #RespectTheDriver PROMOTION TWO HUGE PRIZE PACKAGES DRIVE IN COMFORT, RIDE IN STYLE. TAKE YOUR DRIVING SKILLS TO THE TRACK. ® NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. TO ENTER AND TO VIEW OFFICIAL RULES, VISIT: https://www.minimizer.com/RespectTheDriverPromotion A RACE-READY BANDIT TRUCK WIN WIN THIS JACK DANIEL'S LIMITED EDITION ® ® ® INDIAN CHIEFTAIN TO QUALIFY, PURCHASE A COMFORT PACKAGE WHICH INCLUDES: TO QUALIFY, PURCHASE A BANDIT PACKAGE WHICH INCLUDES: ESTIMATED $40,000 VALUE ESTIMATED $40,000 VALUE FENDER SET (EXCLUDES QUARTER FENDERS) 3 WORK BENCHES (ONE OF EACH SIZE) TOOL BOX ACTUAL TRUCK NOT SHOWN. FLOOR MAT SET MATTRESS SEAT

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