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December 2017 | Overdrive | 49 damage due to curbing, overrunning railroad tracks and other surface objects," he said. Ensure the fifth wheel is tight, set and lubricated at least every 90 days or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. "More frequent lubrication may be necessary if the truck operates in a frequent hook-and-unhook environ- ment," said Homer Hogg, TravelCenters of America's manager of technical devel- opment. 5 Worn parts If a technician can initiate by hand even the slightest irregular movements in tie- rod ends, kingpins, wheel bearings and torque rods, that spells trouble. "Imagine what 4,000 to 10,000-plus pounds of weight on a single assembly can accomplish," Clauer said. Once a wear pattern is established, it will worsen. Tire wear patterns typically seen with mechanical issues include spotty and diagonal wear, Despain said. Clauer recommends shock absorbers be checked every maintenance service cycle and replaced in pairs if there's any sign of leaking fluid. "Waiting to replace any parts that show signs of looseness, damage or wear can cause irreversible irreg- ular wear damage to your tires," he said. 6 Driving habits Rough driving practices such as a quick launch, harsh braking and sharp turns can accelerate tire wear. Brake skids remove "generous amounts of material" from tires, Clauer said. "The best remedy for flat-spotted tires is to have them buffed or retread- ed. Trailer tires are most susceptible to these occur- rences for multiple reasons. Ensuring the power unit and trailer brakes are prop- erly set at each hook will prolong the life of all tires dramatically." One element of tire wear you have complete control over is how the truck is driven under less-than-ideal conditions. A shock absorb- er is designed to keep the tires in contact with the road by dampening road irregularities. "It's not just about the ride," Clauer said. "Once a tire takes a bump, all or part of the tire loses contact with the road surface. Every time it happens – this includes tread flexing – it creates wear." More conservative driving over rough surfaces will help, he said. www.texastrucktuning.com • 817.526.5770 ECM tuning for all engines and makes. Professional tuning options for EGR, DPF and DEF (Urea) deletes for o highway use and exempt vehicles. Nation wide network and fi rst class customer service. If you want to become a dealer, call us today. Mack and Volvo tuning available. * for o Highway, exempt and closed circuit applications only. Not allowed for use on public roads or emission controlled states. Not legal for sale in the state of California. Call us for pricing and appointments Legendary Consulting_OVD1217_PG.indd 1 10/17/17 3:47 PM

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