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John Mascaro's Photo Quiz Answers from page 17 Although the uneven playing surface on this high school football field could have been caused by an angry herd of pigs, this photo is actually manmade. This school district located in the southern United States had rebuilt this field about 8 years previously to when this photo was taken. The resulting renovated field had a good soil mix however cutbacks in the school maintenance program as well as cutbacks in manpower had left the field in disrepair. Severe compaction as well as some marching band ruts and some low spots had formed from intensive use by the high school. Instead of the long, normal road to recovery, the maintenance director opted to flag the irrigation heads and rototill the entire field down to a depth of 8 inches. After this process, the field was laser graded and then rolled, leaving the tilled bermudagrass in the root zone. The field was then irrigated on a schedule similar to sprigging and within 30 days, the entire field was grown back in and ready for play. This process was deemed successful enough that they did this process to several other fields the following year. n Photo from John Mascaro's collection. If you would like to submit a photograph for John Mascaro's Photo Quiz please send it to John Mascaro, 1471 Capital Circle NW, Ste # 13, Tallahassee, FL 32303 call (850) 580-4026 or email to If your photograph is selected, you will receive full credit. All photos submitted will become property of SportsTurf magazine and the Sports Turf Managers Association. SportsTurf 33

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