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March/April 2011

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Name Welcome New SMA Members Company City Allen Lim Carolyn Meredith Chris Johnson David Jantzen Dennis L. Lazowski Elizabeth Ellis John Duncan Lucinda Quinn Smith Marc Kiefer Mesude Ozyurekoglu Michael Barnett Michael G. Hardy Peter M. Wild Randy Krouse Robert W. Wood Shawn Osborn King Fung Enviroscapes Engineering City of Sunset Valley City of Davenport SDOT PEMS SUNSET VALLEY DAVENPORT ARLINGTON EDMONTON SEATTLE HOUSATONIC PERKASIE Pleasant Hill Rec & Pk City of Sandy Springs City of Baraboo Arborjet Inc WALNUT CREEK PROSPECT ATLANTA BARABOO WOBURN City of Milwaukee - Forestry Section MILWAUKEE SANTA FE FORT WAINWRIGHT State HK TX IA VA AB WA MA PA CA KY GA WI MA WI NM AK WANT TO WRITE FOR CITY TREES? Jan./Feb. 2011 Journal of the Society of Municipal Arborists INVOICE For 2011 Membership The Society of Municipal Arborists Your Name: __________________________________________________________ City or Company: ______________________________________________________ Office Address: _______________________________________Zip + 4 __________ Home Address if preferred: ______________________________Zip + 4 __________ Phone: ( ) ______________________FAX: ( ) _______________________ E-mail: ______________________________ City Population: __________________ Job title, or if student, your major: ________________________________________ MAIL THIS INVOICE FORM TO: International Society of Arboriculture, Membership Department P.O. Box 3129 Champaign, IL 61826 Questions? Call: (888) 472-8733 (press 3 for membership) or email: Dues are for January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011 – Tax I.D. #31-1020171 Please pay by January 1, 2011 – Delinquent after February 1, 2011 Please make your check payable to: The Society of Municipal Arborists and check which type of membership you are applying for, on list below. Types of Memberships Professional – Persons actively engaged in municipal arboriculture or in related fields such as: city forester, city arborist, shade tree commissioner, tree warden, or any persons officially in charge of street or park tree planting and management, or their assistants. Category also county, state, or federal employees who are charged with responsibility of assisting municipalities with arboriculture needs. Non-com- mercial people in fields related to arboriculture, such as: landscape architects, scientists, and managers of arboreta can apply. Annual dues are $75.00. Municipal –This group includes cities and towns with the same privileges as a cor- porate member with one vote and up to five non-voting members at an additional $25 per person. Annual dues are $140. Affiliate –This group includes non-professional individuals, who are not eligible for membership in another category, such as members of non-profits, state councils, and allied professions who are not currently employed in an urban forestry position. This category has no voting rights. Annual dues are $40. Senior – This subcategory of Professional membership includes retired municipal arborists. Annual dues are $40.00. Student – This subcategory of Professional membership includes full-time stu- dents of a college or horticultural school, enrolled in arboriculture. Annual dues are $40.00. Corporate – Membership for commercial companies representing products and services of the arboriculture field. Corporate members are entitled to one voting member, and employees of the company are entitled to discount non-voting mem- berships at $25 a year. Annual dues are $140.00. ����������������������� � Subscription to City Trees – Annual subscription for libraries and universities $60.00. ❐ Professional ($75) ❐ Senior ($40) Send an e-mail to City Trees Editor Michelle Sutton at: and request the Writer’s Guidelines. 6 ❐ Municipal ($140) ❐ Affiliate ($40) ❐ Student ($40) Please list names and email for those additional Corporate or Municipal Memberships at $25 each. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ I, the undersigned, wish to apply for membership in the Society of Municipal Arborists. I agree to observe all the rules of the Society and to participate as I am able in furthering its objectives. Applicant’s Signature _______________________________________________________ Date ___________ City Trees ❐ Corporate ($140)

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