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tobaccoasia 31 THE MASTERS OF PERFORATION PerfoLas High Throughput Perforation PerfoLite Medium Batch Sizes PerfoLab Smaller Volume Production ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech Petersbrunner Straße 1b 82319 STARNBERG/Germany Tel.: +49(0)8151-776-0 Email: W E T H I N K L A S E R ■ Laser for any production volumes and any budget ■ Visual Porosity Measurement (VPM) for quality assurance ■ Easy to operate HIGH SPEED LASER FOR PERFORATION ROF_AD_TabAsia05_89x254_1113_print_1 18.11.13 11:04 Seite 1 cigarettes, and that the average tar level may not be higher than 8mg/per cigarette. Therefore, such a provision signifies classifi- cation of slim cigarettes into the category of low-tar, high-grade cigarette products, and is intended to ensure that all categories and specifications of slim cigarettes will continue maintaining a trend of favorable and healthy development in the future. Presently, all specifications of slim cigarettes on sale in the domestic market are Grade Three or higher. In fact, the slim ciga- rettes manufactured by the top three producers, China Tobacco Jiangsu, China Tobacco Shandong, and China Tobacco Hubei are mostly Grade Two or higher. Since it started production of slim cigarettes in 2006, China Tobacco Jiangsu developed a range of serial slim cigarette prod- ucts using the brand name of Nanjing that are all Grade Two priced or higher, ranging from Nanjing (Xuanhe Gate) priced at CNY15 (US$2.40/pack), all the way up to Nanjing (Eaglewood) priced at nearly CNY100 (almost US$16) per packet. China Tobacco Hubei started making slim cigarettes in 2012 using the brand name Yellow Crane Tower that are all Grade Two priced or higher, ranging from Yellow Crane Tower (Famous Tower Under the Heaven) at CNY15 (US$2.40/pack) up to Yellow Crane Tower (Wonderful Scenery Under the Heaven) at CNY23 (US$3.70/pack). China Tobacco Shandong also started developing a range of serial slim cigarette products in 2012 under the Mount Tai brand that are all Grade Two priced or higher, ranging from Mount Tai (Happy Heart) at CNY15 (US$2.40/pack) through to Mount Tai (Buddha's Light Slim) at CNY40 (US$6.40/pack). A majority of the slim cigarettes on sale in the China market are at the tag level of 8mg or lower, such as the slim cigarette products manufactured by Jiangsu Industrial. For Nanjing slim products, the average tar level steadily declined from 8mg/per cigarette to 5mg/per cigarette. The more expensive the brand type, the lower its tar level will be. Likewise, the average tar level of Suyan slim cigarettes steadily declined to 6mg/per cigarette over recent years. Generally, the slim cigarette brands of both Nanjing and Suyan – two leading cigarette brands of Jiangsu In- dustrial – will meet the "high-grade and low-tar" requirement. The Rise of the Brands More and more cigarette makers and their leading brands are actively getting involved in developing and manufacturing slim "Dubao superslims (Blueberry)", a key brand of China Tobacco Anhui Industrial

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