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from past and present, and even combinations of the two. Here's a sneak peek of Emerging and Established Dealers from Paris to Moscow show fresh takes on furniture and objects what four first-time Design Miami/ galleries have in store for the show. BY JULIA COOKE Galerie Dutko Jean-Jacques Dutko, whose gallery specializes in French decora- tive art and Art Deco furniture, invites contemporary sculptors and artists, such as Alessandra Athanassiades and André Fougeron, to create works that dialogue with the décor. Dutko, who often leans toward creations that blur the lines between art and design, will show pieces in this realm from Japanese Art Deco designer Katsu Hamanaka, along with a series of contem- porary tables in bronze and marble by Eric Schmitt. Jean-Jacques Dutko, right, owner and director of his namesake gallery. Paris Galerie Franck Laigneau will show a series of pieces in birch, the authorship unknown, whose light material plays with their monu- mental-feeling, cubist-inspired shapes. These anthroposophical pieces from the 1930s are designed to evoke distinct emotions. Laigneau, who has for a decade focused on work from the Arts and Franck Laigneau Crafts, Art Nouveau and Jungendstil movements, says the furniture is "meant to give you a nice feeling." We'll take his word. An anthroposophical chair; at left, owner and director Franck Laigneau. Heritage Gallery Moscow's Heritage Gallery—which shows both international con- Christina Krasnyanskaya, right, owner of Moscow's Heritage Gallery, pictured here. What sets this Roman gallery apart is the unique contemporary design projects it shows alongside its stable of Italian mod- Galleria O. ernist designers. For Design Miami/Basel, Galleria O. invited a handful of contemporary designers to develop new works by re- imagining Italian traditions. Among those included are the Cam- pana Brothers, who, for Brazilian Baroque, turned their sensibility to iconic Italian materials. Using Carrara marble and ornate bronze and brass furniture flourishes from the 17th and 18th centuries, the duo exuberantly layered these highbrow ma- terials for an effect that's both sumptuous and playful. 52 CULTURED temporary design and opulent Russian furniture and antiques from the 15th to 20th centuries—will exhibit Soviet furniture and design made between 1956 and 1970. Highlights from this "thaw" period, (in which Soviet designers combined a '20s-influ- enced aesthetic with the noble aim to make even the most banal domestic objects into works of art), will include pieces by Boris Iofan, Malevich pupil Anna Leporskaya, geometric porce- lain by Suetina, and more. As part of a second wave of Russian avant-garde design, they'll be widely viewed for the first time. The Campana Brothers' Divano Avanti sofa.

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