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KellyBehunMiamiDec_Layout 1 11/21/12 1:10 PM Page 108 CONVERSATION PIECE Kelly Behun and Alex P. White bring two unique visions to their inspired co-creations. Here, Zesty Meyers, co-founder of R Gallery, speaks to the designers about their first collaboration. PORTRAIT BY DANIEL KUKLA Zesty Meyers: What led to this exhibition? Kelly Behun: I would say equal parts enthusiasm and chutzpah. When we approached you with this idea of curating an exhibition, mixing original Kelly Behun Studio pieces with some from your collection, I didn't actually think you might say yes. That took a lot of courage. Why did you choose R Gallery as the place to have your first exhibit? Alex P. White: Both Kelly and I had a mutual acquaintance, the stylist Michael Reynolds, who curated an amazing show a few years ago at R. It inspired us both so much and was one of those moments where a whole spectrum of possibilities opened up: designer as curator, artist as designer, collector as patron and a return to the idea of gallery as salon. I couldn't believe there was a gallery and a group of peopleĀ putting on shows like this at the time. It was fresh, categorically confusing and ahead of the curve in my opinionā€”it was the seed. How did you feel about seeing your designs in the gallery setting for the first time? KB: It was exhilarating to see everything realized more or less exactly as we'd imagined it and without compromise, which, let's face it, isn't a feeling you get to experience that often in life. It felt immersive, transporting, like a total environment. And that was the goal. APW: I've always thought of Kelly as an artist. As long as I've worked with her she's collaborated with artists in really interesting ways that go beyond the purely decorative. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to see all the different types of work I do, and the collaborations I'm a part of, live together in one space, from the design projects I do with Kelly to painting and sculpture to performance, video and installation. What inspired you to create your own line? KB: I have been making custom pieces for my clients for years, but to create my own line was something I've wanted to do for a long time. The hardest part was editing down the myriad ideas to a manageable debut collection. This collection is small but features a rather 108 CULTURED KellyBehu

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