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April 2014

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29 AGGREGATES MANAGER April 2014 C O S C S S S C 1 . 8 8 8 . 8 6 2 . 7 4 6 1 w w w. b e k a - l u b e . c o m The extra uptime is FREE! Lower costs for parts and service will pay back your investment fast with Beka-Max automatic lubrication systems... and there's no extra charge for the added productivity from your equipment! ŗ More production, less unscheduled downtime ŗ Longer life for critical components ŗ Expert factory support with dealers nationwide WWWKRUSECONTROLSCOM -AXIMIZE PROlTABILITY AND PLANT EFlCIENCY WITH OUR INDUSTRY PROVEN AUTOMATION SYSTEM Push your plant to its capacity by automatically controlling and monitoring the production process, freeing you to more effectively manage your business. System features include: Ŗ #WVQOCVKEU[UVGOUGSWGPEKPI Ŗ 2TQFWEVKQPKORTQXGOGPVNQIKE Ŗ )TCRJKECNVTGPFUCPFCNCTOU Ŗ 5CHGV[KPVGTNQEMU Ŗ +PVWKVKXGITCRJKEU Ŗ 2TQFWEVKQPTGRQTVU Ŗ /WEJOQTGŗ The best plan for a stronger foundation... Encourage Excellence! Visit to see our full line of awards and recognition products or call for a quote 1.800.633.2021. CUSTOM AWARDS FOR: ;INM\a 1VVW^I\QWV AMIZ[WN;MZ^QKM 4MILMZ[PQX )VL[WU]KPUWZM Let us help you recognize your workforce!

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