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September 2013

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Photo by GERALDINE WARNER Willow Drive Contract hafV 2-1-11_1/2 vert dummy 7/11/12 5:17 PM Page 1 Matt Whiting, WSU cherry horticulturist (left), discusses his experiments in Australia with growers at Tim Dahle's orchard in The Dalles, Oregon. Asked about pollen inserts, Omeg said his father, Mel, once tried them. He saw no improvement in the crop, and when he looked closely, he concluded that the bees were just taking the pollen into the hive rather than distributing it in the orchard. "That's probably true," Omeg said. "Bees are pretty smart." Worthwhile? Long asked if it was worthwhile to grow Regina, with all the difficulties involved. "Besides blush varieties, like Early Robin, it's one of the most profitable varieties," Omeg responded. "It has a high packout and high net income per acre. It's a challenging variety, but I think it's worth it if you can pay attention to all the details and not make any mistakes. It's an unforgiving variety as far as mistakes."  • ROOTSTOCK – VARIETIES – POLLINATION Quality from the Start APPLES Aztec Fuji® (DT2 variety) Blondee® Brookfield® Gala Buckeye® Gala Cameo® brand Granny Smith Honeycrisp It® Red Delicious Joburn Braeburn™ JonaStar® Jonagold Kumeu Crimson® LindaMac® Mariri Red™ Braeburn Morning Mist™ Early Fuji Morren's® Jonagored Supra™ Redcort® Ruby Jon® Ruby Mac™ Smoothee® Golden Spartan Ultima™ Gala Zestar!® Mt. Blanc Mt. Evereste Pearleaf Snowdrift POLLENIZERS Indian Summer Manchurian CHERRIES Attika® Benton™ Bing Black Tartarian BlackPearl™ BurgundyPearl™ Chelan™ EbonyPearl™ Hudson Early Robin® Rainier Lapins Montmorency RadiancePearl™ Rainier Regina Sam Selah™ Skeena™ Sweetheart Tieton® Ulster Van White Gold PEARS Bartlett Columbia Red Anjou™ Concorde™ Comice PEACHES Allstar Autumnstar® Blazingstar Blushingstar Brightstar™ D'Anjou Forelle Golden Russet Bosc® Coral Star Earlystar™ Elberta Glowingstar Redhaven Red Clapp's Favorite Red Sensation Bartlett Seckel Redstar Risingstar Starfire Flamin' Fury® Series PF-19-007 PF-7 PF-24-007 PF-17 PF-35-007 PF-25 PF Lucky 13 Varieties listed may not reflect current inventory. REPRESENTATIVES Leonard Aubert Jim Adams Larry Traubel Rick Turton Hood River, Oregon (541) 308-6008 Cedaredge, Colorado (970) 856-3424 Rey Allred Washington State Payson, Utah (509) 670-7879 (801) 465-2321 Kelowna, B.C. (250) 860-3805 WILLOW DRIVE NURSERY, INC. 1-888-54-TREES Ephrata, Washington | Good Fruit Grower SEPTEMBER 2013 29

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