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September 2013

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Rears Airblast Sprayers POWERBLAST Interchangeableaxialflowfans to match blade pitch and air volume to your application and horsepower. Electricfanclutch RearsConstantVelocityHitch powers through 90° turns Rearscentrifugal pumpandRears gearbox: manufactured by Rears for more than 40 years. Simple pressure adjustment to maintain accurate calibration in different row spacings. 400 gallon TTN profile Powerblast PULBLAST Thisisatimetesteddesign forawiderangeofapplications. Automatic Rate Controller Option •Enterdifferentrowspacings: the controller automatically maintains your rate per acre. • Compensatesforchanges ingroundspeed. Variablepitchfans available in 28" & 36" dia. 100-600gallonunits with tank profiles for your application. RearsConstantVelocityHitch available for most Pul-Blast models Pistonactuateddiaphragmpump orRears centrifugalpump. 400 gallon wheel-well Pulblast • 52" outside tire width w/11Lx15 tires • adjustable width wheel centers Towers bring the nozzle closer to the spray target. Tower height and profiles to match your application. auge avy G teel He ss S tainle ction S are tru Cons ll tank hardw ps nd a rouds, ste tank a Spray asement, sh air doors c , Tower lds, louvers using ho ifo Man blower n and Fa Tune air volume: adjustable air doors independently control target zones Match Rears' aggressive air delivery engineering to your application with Vertical Wall,Over-the-Row, or GrapeElbowtowers. in in made a made a us us Agricultural Equipment and Dealer information 800.547.8925 GOOD FRUIT GROWER SEPTEMBER 2013 31

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