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September 2013

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LAST BITE How did you do? Find the answers on page 42 of this issue. Fruitrivia: Test your pear knowledge 1 Which of the following is not a pear variety? a. Summer Blood Birne b. Johantorp c. Viceroy d. Onward e. Leopardo Morettini 2 Which is the top export market for fresh pears grown in the Pacific Northwest? a. Canada b. Brazil c. Mexico d. India e. Russia 3 What's the name of the latest fireblight-resistant pear variety released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, West Virgina? a. Blake's Pride b. Potomac c. Magness d. Gem e. Moonglow 5 The Belgian pear breeder who developed what is now known as the d'Anjou pear called it by which name? a. Bon Cretien d'Hiver b. Nec Plus Meuris c. Petit Blanquet d. Sucree Verte e. Rousselet de Reims 6 What is a Papple? a. A dwarf pineapple b. The male parent of a new apple variety c. A pear and apple hybrid d. An apple variety blessed by the Pope e. A cross of European and Asian pears 7 The Seckel pear originated in: a. Pennsylvania b. France c. Belgium d. Oregon e. United Kingdom 8 Which is the most important pear variety grown in the Medford, Oregon, growing district? a. Comice b. Seckel c. Bosc d. Forelle e. d'Anjou f. Bartlett 4 Which country agreed to import fresh U.S. pears for the first time this year? a. Chile b. Colombia c. China d. Costa Rica e. Cuba 46 SEPTEMBER 2013 GOOD FRUIT GROWER 9 What is the largest winter pear crop ever produced in the Pacific Northwest (in 44-pound boxes)? a. 10.4 million b. 13.7 million c. 16.3 million d. 18.9 million e. 20.1 million

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