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Specialty Coffee Retailer February 2014

Specialty Coffee Retailer is a publication for owners, managers and employees of retail outlets that sell specialty coffee. Its scope includes best sales practices, supplies, business trends and anything else to assist the small coffee retailer.

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16 | February 2014 • www.specialty-coffee.com program. I've had to put very little of my own money into it for a while now. SCR: Some prey famous people have taken notice of what you're doing. Can you tell us about some of those experiences? Dewey: Well, Starbucks has been great. Some of the store workers are the people who called the local news about me in the rst place. In December, I got to go to Seattle and visit Starbucks headquarters, where I met with Howard Schultz. He'd heard about it and was very supportive. Starbucks even gave me a $10,000 gi card. at will buy a lot of coees! In October, I was on the Queen Latifah show. at helped generate a lot of donations. And I was also invited to Washington, D.C. last year. Jill Biden is a big proponent of breast cancer awareness. She or someone on her sta heard about me, and they invited me to attend a reception for breast cancer awareness at the Vice President's residence. Vice President Joe Biden shook my hand and told me, "You've got to keep doing this as long as you can." SCR: Have you ever missed a week? Dewey: Only once, back in 2007. at's when I only was doing the one hospital. Christmas Eve fell on a Wednesday, and I could either do the coee run or go and visit my sister, who lives 300 miles away. So I went to visit her. People were all concerned. "What happened to you, Dan?!" I didn't even think Starbucks would be open on Christmas Eve, but it turns out it was. SCR: A logistical question: how do you carry so many coees at once? Dewey: I've practiced so much over the years that people are in awe of what I can carry. I can carry 21 cups at once without spilling anything. For the larger orders, I either make multiple trips or use my car. People have given me carts and other systems over the years, but they don't work as well. I can carry more if I do it my own way. SCR: What is your message to other people out there who may be inspired by your good work? Dewey: If you get a chance to buy someone a cup of coee who looks like they could use it, do it! SCR To learn more about Dan and donate to his cause, visit www.danscoeerun.net or use this QR code to access the site on your smart phone. D 10 . 14-16 coffee break SCR0214.indd 16 2/6/2014 12:14:56 PM

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