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Specialty Coffee Retailer February 2014

Specialty Coffee Retailer is a publication for owners, managers and employees of retail outlets that sell specialty coffee. Its scope includes best sales practices, supplies, business trends and anything else to assist the small coffee retailer.

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42 | February 2014 • www.specialty-coffee.com "You can't exactly wear the same T-shirt every day," Martin says. Keeping things fresh might not seem easy. Shops without a lot of money to spend experimenting with merchandise might just call up the screen printer and order another batch of the shirts that nally sold out. Big vendors, however, are taking great pains to compete with those local short-run printers. And with precision technology, fast turnaround and no warehousing, they can be a great place to start testing a new merchandising plan. Sarah Segal, the head of public relations at CafePress, said they work hard to let a design evolve into a salable product. "CafePress is very chameleon, we really try to adapt to every client and every seller's needs," Segal says. "If you're talking about a small retailer, most start with baby steps." Like O'Neill's lunch pails, starting with a mass produced goods can turn into a big hit. Segal says nding inspiration for unique merchandise is easy by browsing their most popular designs, and breathing life into a new idea is possible with their vast product oerings. "We oer upwards of 650 base products that they can put their images on," she says. "Some of those newer products include things like shower curtains, purse hooks, cuinks— we just added socks. One of my favorites is scarves. Basically, A W B, G M . Photo By Nicholas Upton B: . 38-43 branded merch SCR0214.indd 42 2/6/2014 12:41:15 PM

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