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Specialty Coffee Retailer is a publication for owners, managers and employees of retail outlets that sell specialty coffee. Its scope includes best sales practices, supplies, business trends and anything else to assist the small coffee retailer.

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48 | February 2014 • www.specialty-coffee.com E A S T C O A S T L C Baltimore Maryland Not known as the quiet, stark coee shop, the buzz throughout Lamill Coee in Baltimore, Maryland is contagious. "e shop thrives o of its high-energy atmosphere, which customers have grown to love and respect," says general manager Elissa Yotsuji. "Unlike other cafes, Lamill has a fairly large dining area, both with high top and low top tables. Given that there is plenty of room, many regulars from the neighborhood love meeting at Lamill because it's easy to park a stroller next to the table and enjoy aernoon coee and snacks." As Yotsuji explains, cafes and coeehouses are not just for the business person on-the-go or the study group meet-up for students. "Whether you are in a rush or have time to pass, coeehouses are the place where people can gather without the pressure of needing company or consuming an entire meal," Yotsuji says. "Cafes have the option of oering as little or as much as they want in terms of food and beverage options and this is largely a factor of consumer demand in the given market. Being family friendly goes hand-in-hand with oering a more approachable and casual concept. It behooves coeehouses to be as exible as their customer base, as well as cater to the type of consumer that frequents their establishment." Lamill's best-selling drink for kids changes seasonally. In the winter, it is denitely the hot chocolate. A unique thing about this oering is that Lamill's chocolate syrup is made in house, and uses 66 percent dark Valrhona chocolate, making it not overly sweet. Additionally, Lamill oers children's drinks at "kiddie- temp" or around 120 degree F. "is is appealing to many families because kid's palates are sensitive to temperature," Yotsuji says. "Parents also like that Lamill has 8-oz beverages, as this is oen the size that most parents are comfortable with their kids consuming." Other kid favorites include the pastry options available at Lamill, including the French Macarons. "ese classic French pastries are the just the perfect size for little hands," Yotsuji says. "Each macaron is about the size of a quarter, so kids get their treat x without the sugar high. And as an added bonus, Lamill's macarons are made from all natural avors and baked fresh in-house. In the summer, Lamill's Sparkling Lemonade is a treat for kids. e Sparkling Lemonade is house-made lemonade topped with sparkling water, so it has the zz factor of a soda without all of the unhealthy additives. e café's "Mojito" is a mocktail made with iced green tea, mint, simple syrup and sparkling water. "We even crush the ice and muddle the mint so kids feel like they are getting something special," Yotsuji says. Lamill's large open space allows for kids to roam around easily. During the day before their sister restaurant, Wit and Wisdom Lounge, opens, families will oen sit at a couch section and enjoy breakfast or snacks. During the summer when the patio is open, there is plenty of space for kids to explore. SCR REGIONAL UPDATE L ' " " 120 F. 45-48 RegionalUpdate SCR0214.indd 48 2/6/2014 12:44:56 PM

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