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INDU S T RY SPECIF ICAT ION S There is little standardization for grease testing in the industry, but there are several industry tests that rate a grease's performance characteristics. To determine whether a grease can offer extreme pressure (EP) protection, pumpability, mobility and stay‑in‑place performance, review the results of these critical industry tests: IMP ORTA N T PROPE RT IE S The NLGI has initiated two grease performance areas that define where and how grease can be used. The first relates to where grease can be used and is outlined below: • LA and LB: Indicates the grease's suitability for use in chassis bearings and applications • GA, GB, GC: Shows the grease's suitability for wheel bearing applications and the temperature at which the grease can operate successfully. A NLGI GC/LB grease meets the highest performance specifications for both chassis and wheel bearing applications. C AT E G O R Y S E R V I C E P E R F O R M A N C E LA chassis Frequent relubrication intervals (>3200 km). Mild duty (non‑critical applications). Oxidation resistant, shear stable and corrosion and wear protective. LB chassis Prolonged relubrication intervals (<3200). Mild to severe duty, high loads, vibration, exposure to water. Oxidation resistant, shear stable, and corrosion and wear protective, even under heavy loads and in presence of aqueous contamination. Temperature range ‑40 to 120°C/‑40 to 248°F. These specifications are largely directed toward automotive products, and in some instances may not be adequate for heavy‑duty equipment. B A C K N E X T F 3 L A B C H E C K E N G i N E T R A N S M i S S i O N A X L E F i F T H W H E E L & G R E A S E S S U P E R C L E A N H O M E H Y D R A U L i C F L U i D S C A S T R O L H E AV Y‑ D U T Y G R E A S E S For further information and resources please click this link to Castrol Canada GPS guide – Heavy Duty Greases

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