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B A C K N E X T F 1 8 L A B C H E C K E N G i N E T R A N S M i S S i O N A X L E F i F T H W H E E L & G R E A S E S S U P E R C L E A N H O M E H Y D R A U L i C F L U i D S C A S T R O L PY R O P L E X P R O T E C T i O N E S F E AT UR E S A ND BE NE F I T S F E A T U R E S A D V A N T A G E S B E N E F i T S Full synthetic. Provides excellent low and high temperature performance. Oxidation minimized through excellent thermal stability. Noted load carrying ability. In most climates, the NLGI #2 can be used year round due to exceptional pumpability. Cooler operation carrying ability. Longer equipment life. Longer lubricant life. Unique inhibitor additive system. Provides excellent protection against rust, oxidation and corrosion in extreme environments. Field corrosion protection assured for longer component life. Extended service protection. Castrol's exclusive Hydro‑Activation™ technology. Better adhesion with outstanding mobility. Increased tack in the presence of water. Excellent on‑highway performance for equipment durability and extended service. Extreme pressure and anti‑wear performance. Bearing life greatly improved. Extended equipment life. Excellent extreme pressure and anti‑wear package. Outstanding service under conditions of high loading and severe shock loading. Less equipment downtime. Longer equipment life and less maintenance cost.

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