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Page 37 of 51 38 Cheers • September 2014 Bars and restaurants are embracing technology to engage customers W hen you walk into Arooga's Grille House and Sports Bar, you're greeted by a host, escorted to a table, and handed a tablet. Powered by Buzztime, these tablets offer guests premium entertainment packages, including games, music, and live events such as trivia tournaments. When the Pennsylvania chain opens its ninth location this fall, it will also use the tablets to pilot a new digital menu program. Arooga's venture into the digital menu realm is becoming more common. Digital menus offer several advantages to bar and restaurant operators, and they appeal to customers as well. When effectively integrated into the dining and drinking experience, digital menus can improve customer engagement with your brand; which translates to higher sales. One advantage of digital menus is that they can eliminate the costly need for printed menus altogether. Many restaurants print new menus on a daily basis advertising the latest specials. Even those operators that don't print daily menus still need to revise their listings whenever they add or remove an item. A digital menu platform enables you to make changes easily and instantly through the program application itself. If, for instance, you run out of a dish one night, you can discreetly remove it from the menu so you won't have to tell your customers that the item they requested is no longer available. Digital menus come in a variety of formats, but tablet-based systems like Buzztime's are among the most popular. Within that category is a wide range of options, from basic mobile applications that can be customized to programs built to suit each specifi c operation and include options like games. Different systems come with different price points, by Melissa Niksic Gourmet burger concept Charbar Co. has found that tables using its tablet menus generate 10% to 20% higher sales than those with paper menus. by Melissa Niksic A TASTE OF DIGITAL MENUS Arooga's Grille House and Sports Bar is using tablets to pilot a new digital menu program this fall.

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